5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 For 2021

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It is undoubtedly the case that the vast majority of gaming takes place when sitting rather than standing. Yes, we know there are some games that you do stand up for, but the truth is, being seated will be the position that most people are in when gaming.

This means that the number of hours spent in that seat can be many so the need for a gaming chair that can support you properly and keep you comfortable should be a priority for all gamers. If it is for you, and you are looking for a gaming chair for less than $200, then read on because we are going to help you find one.

First, we have our buyer’s guide which will explain a few of the more important features to look for, then we will review five of the best gaming chairs under $200, to help you properly assess some specific options.

Buyers Guide to buying a Gaming Chair on a Budget


Gaming chairs under $200 can be made with a number of different materials for their upholstery and each has its positive and negative attributes. As the material is the part of the chair you are in contact with for the longest time, it is regarded by many as the most important feature.

Mesh is quite rare, but it is popular with those who tend to sweat a lot as it allows the most amount of air to circulate around the chair when it is being used. On the downside, it attracts dirt very easily and being mesh it is often hard to clean properly due to all the perforations.

Next is fabric, which is surprisingly also rare given how many office chairs use fabric. Fabric can be very durable and is also not susceptible to being hot or cold with regards to the ambient temperature in the room. Unfortunately, it does attract more than its fair of dirt and grime and will inevitably need to be cleaned using an upholstery cleaner.

PVC leather isn’t actually leather at all. It is PVC made to look like leather often using embossing to give it texture. PVC is cheap so it keeps the cost of the chair down, and it can be produced into a whole spectrum of colors and an array of patterns. Going against it is the fact is that it can damage easily, and it is not the most comfortable when the room is hot or cold.

PU leather is made from the hides that real leather comes from, but it is the fibrous part which is also known as split leather. When used for chairs it  is coated with polyurethane, which is where the ‘PU’ comes from. On the plus side, it is comfortable very easy to keep clean and gives you some of the advantages of real leather at a lower price. On the negative side it is not as durable as real leather.

Which brings us to that very material — leather. It’s obviously going to cost the most, but in return, you have the most durable of them all, plus it also looks the most impressive too. Leather gaming chairs can also stand up to many more hours of its owner gaming, than any of the other materials.

Head and Lumbar Support

You have to bear in mind that you may be sitting in your gaming chairs for many hours, so it is imperative that you ensure parts of your body such as your neck and back are given adequate support.

Look at each chair you are considering and check to if it has specific cushions for the lumbar and neck regions, and also that it has been shaped to accommodate proper support for your back.

Weight Capacity

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, and the one which is mostly applicable to gaming chairs is the user’s weight. Each chair will have a published maximum weight limit for the user with the better ones staring at around 250 lbs., and some going a high as 400 lbs. Always check this versus your weight or that of anyone else who might use the chair

Seat Adjustments

Most gaming chairs should have the means for you to adjust them, so that their height is at the correct level, in order that your eyes are level with your gaming screen. Other adjustments to look for are recline, tilt, swivel, and the means to adjust the armrest height is always a positive. Not every chair will have them all, but the more they have the better.

If you aren’t sure if you need a gaming chair or want more insight in picking the right want – check out the video below: 

Best Gaming Chairs under $200 - Reviews

GTRacing GT099 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

With you presumably looking for a gaming chair that can offer the maximum level of support, the fact that this one has been ergonomically designed is very positive. The metal frame is extremely strong, so it provides a stable structure for the chair and this, along with the padding within the back and sides of the seat, take the comfort up several levels.

The chair also has a lumbar pillow which is detachable, and the headrest also has a detachable pillow to give that important area additional support and comfort when needed. Even when the pillows are not being used you still have plenty of support for your back and neck respectively.

PU leather is the material used and that means you have a very durable surface upon which you will be sitting, and this should also mean the lifetime of the chair is enhanced. The standard color for the chair is red and black but you have options that include blue, purple and grey.

You can make plenty of adjustments to the chair to get it into the perfect and most suitable position. The seat height can be adjusted, you can also recline between 90° and 170°, meaning you could lie flat in the chair when you are having a time out from your game. Adjustments can also be made to the height of the armrest.

With regards to the maximum recommended weight for users, with this chair it is 300 lbs.

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

This is a gaming chair that certainly catches the eye especially in its standard gray and black color which gives it a very imposing look. That look is further enhanced by the fact that this chair’s material is bonded leather.

Bonded leather is real leather where, as the name suggests, individual pieces of animal hide have been bonded together. The result is a chair that looks stunning but is also going to last a long time thanks to the durability that leather offers.

Adjustments can be made to the chair, and these include seat height, and reclining between 90° and 155°. You can also adjust the tilt tension too. The chair swivels 360° and sits on 5 casters that allow you to move across the floor with ease.

For support, there is a lumbar cushion that you can adjust, and you can also adjust the headrest too. The fixed armrests are padded  and while they cannot be adjusted in terms of their height, they move with the chair when you recline it, so your arms remain in a comfortable position.

These obviously aid the comfort level of the chair but what many people will really find the most comfortable aspect is the footrest. This can be pulled out from under the seat and allows you to rest your legs on it for maximum relaxation.

Talking of maximums, the weight limit for users is 275 lbs.  and regardless of whether you are that weight or less, you can use the chair in the knowledge that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

E-Win Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Let’s start with what to some will be this gaming chair’s biggest appeal and that is the fact that it is designed for big and tall people. When we say big that also applies to their weight and given that this chair has a maximum user weight of 400 lbs., it should be suitable for anyone who wants to use it.

The size aspect also applies to the width of the chair, and the height of the back. This gives the effect of this being a combination of a car seat and an office chair that has created a very comfortable gaming chair. That comfort is aided by the detachable headrest and lumbar pillows as well as the padding that can be felt across the entire chair.

Covering the padding, the main material used throughout is PVC leather so although it is not real leather it does have its texture and styling. Color options apply mainly to the trim and some sections with red, blue, white and pink the choices that you have.

In terms of adjustments, the height of the chair can be moved up or down, and you have a tilt between 85° and 155°. The armrests are extra wide which should make them more comfortable, and they can also be adjusted up or down to whichever height is the most comfortable.

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

The material used for this gaming chair is real leather and just one look or feel of it tells you straight away this is something special. Its upholstering is excellent and the mesh sections and black stitching throughout give it a look that others will struggle to match.

Of course, with leather, you have increased durability, but you also should experience enhanced comfort as well. This comfort is further promoted by the way the padding within the chair forms part of the overall ergonomic design.

The high back also plays a part in that as it provides maximum support all the way up to your neck area, and then we have the padded headrest to finish the task of keeping every part of you comfortable.

We’ll stick with comfort as we mention the padded armrests which you can obviously rest your arms on, but if you wish you can flip the arms up to give you a more comfortable sitting position.

Adjustments include the usual set which are height adjustment and recline plus you have 360° swivel. You can also adjust the tilt tension so that the rate at which the chair reclines can be set to your preference. The weight capacity of this chair is 250 lbs.

Additional color options can be chosen with this gaming chair having more choices than most. There is the featured blue color, with the others being, grey, green, purple, red and white. You can also choose to have the chair all black if you wish.

E-Win Ergonomic Gaming Chair

You will have already noticed that there is a wide range of recommended maximum weights for each gaming chair and with this one from E-Win, that figure is 330 lbs. , which is towards the upper end of the gaming chairs we have reviewed today.

What is also at the upper end is the quality of the seat material given that it is made from PU leather. This provides not only a premium feel when you are sitting on it, but it also gives the

chair robustness which should prolong its lifetime. You have two color choices for this chair which are grey/black and blue/black.

Comfort is promoted by the high-density foam which is used within the interior of the chair. This allows it to be shaped to be the most ergonomic it can be and to provide maximum comfort and support. These are further helped by the lumbar and neck pillows that you can use with the chair, or, if you prefer, you can remove them.

The chair can swivel a full 360°, its height can be adjusted up or down, and its tilt has a range between 85° and 155° so that you are always able to set it to the optimum position for your comfort. A further way this can be achieved is by adjusting the armrests up or down too.


We hope you found our best gaming chair for under $200 buyer’s guide helpful , and that our reviews of five of the best of them have given you more confidence that you can make the right choice when you decide to buy one.