Best Funny Man Cave Signs

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So you’ve got your games and entertainment systems set up, and your minibar is stocked. Your lighting is perfect and your furniture looks the part. What’s missing? Well, signs, of course. Signs impart your philosophy into the room by speaking on your behalf.

Whether it’s your sense of humor, your specific admission requirements, or a thought-provoking cliché, the right signs will bring an added level of charm into your man cave. But the flip side is also true. The wrong signs will drain the room of any originality. To help you find the right sign, take a look at our suggestions.

Funny Man Cave Signs Reviews

BB Sign

BB Sign offers good quality products with a strong focus on snappy one-liners and large, clear prints. These signs are big and bright and will catch the eye from a distance. If you’re looking for an aged aesthetic, these aren’t for you, but if that’s not important, these signs might have what you’re looking for. The print quality is good and the thick metal feels robust while remaining lightweight.


BB Sign has a handful of quippy slogans that are perfect for man caves. The one-liners range from generic (“Upon further review, I’m going to need another drink”) to a little more clever (“Education is important, but fishing is importanter” and “My neighbors are listening to great music, whether they like it or not”) and there’s a good chance you’ll find one you like.

With 12 x 8 and 18 x 12 dimensions available, these are larger than a lot of the other signs on the market. They also come with rolled edges and pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting. These are big, vivid signs, and definitely eye-catching.

The signs are sharply printed, with no loss of resolution for such a large size. This is a common problem with other prints, as the image is blown up to fit the sign and can result in a loss of quality. Not a problem here! They’re also reasonably thick gauge, which gives them a quality feel without being too heavy.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that these are vivid, not vintage. If you’ve got a wall full of old-style signs or classic ads and pinups, these signs may look a little out of place.

Overall, these are good value for money, and the quality of the metal and printing is good. The signs feel and look like they’ll last and their size really sets them ahead in terms of getting your money’s worth.


  • Some good one-liners
  • Large size
  • Well printed
  • Durable
  • Easy to mount


  • Not vintage-style, so may not fit

Putuo Décor

For a handful of more sarcastic sign options, Putuo is worth a look. The range is good and the content is mid-range, but all the signs are good quality prints on sturdy aluminum that will definitely last. They’re not as big as  BB signs, but they cover slightly different vibes. The manufacturers pride themselves on using sturdy, high gauge material and coat it well to protect it from the elements outside the house.


Putuo make signs that are a little more sarcastic and provocative if that’s what you’re looking for. “Does Not Play Well With Liberals” and “If something here offends you, please let us know. We can all use a good laugh”. There are quite a few more sarcastic signs that would fit in a man cave, and the range is pretty good. They also have plenty of bar/cocktail signs, so if that fits your aesthetic, you might stand a chance of finding something you like.

Each sign comes with two pre-drilled holes and rounded corners as standard to protect fingers to provide ease of installation. The signs are also flat enough to be mounted with double-sided tape against the wall.

The aluminum Putuo uses is ‘industry grade’, which isn’t much more than a buzzword on its own, but some specifics are mentioned: 35Mil thickness and about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Importantly, it’s coated in grey ink to prevent oxidation if you want to put the sign outside. The weathered signs have a rustic-style patina which makes them look old and gives them a vintage character.

These are mostly weathered-look signs, but there are wood-effect signs too, so depending on your man cave theme, you might be able to find something that fits. The prices range from acceptable to a bit steep for what it is, and although the thickness of the material seems to be a selling point, it might not be necessary to pay extra for it.

Overall, these signs are of good quality, weathered-look aluminum that offer a good choice of cheeky slogans to share with people in your close circle. They have more attitude than some signs, but the right one may make a powerful addition to your pad. The sarcastic slogans have the power to amuse or isolate, so choose wisely!


  • Unique, sarcastic slogans
  • High-quality prints
  • Durable material
  • Easy to mount


  • Possibly more expensive than they need to be

Rogue River Tactical signs

Rogue River provides a narrow range of signs with some pretty basic slogans that have all been done before. So if you’re looking for tried-and-tested content, these will probably fit the bill. They don’t have a lot to choose from yet, and the overall quality might be lacking, but if originality isn’t something you require, you might find something you like. The artwork is decent, but the content is generic, and the price is too high for what you get.


Rogue River Tactical only provides a handful of generic signs that would sit nicely in a man cave. If you’re looking for something that appeals to a wide audience, these are the signs for you. They combine elements of drinking and patriotism in somewhat unimaginative ways, and the humor is a bit dated, but there’s a market for this kind of product. As far as man cave signs go, there may be much better options.

The signs themselves are the standard 12 x 8, with two holes for ease of hanging and rounded edges for safety. The print quality is good and the signs have a sort of textured finish that gives the design depth. The marbling or background to the signs is visually appealing and contrasts well with the bold letters.

The main issue with these signs is their small size and the lack of diverse content. The material and print quality seems to be good, but if you’re looking for something particularly witty or clever, this isn’t the place to find it.

These decorations would be a potential choice for those who like their jokes simple and their beer domestic. The signs are proudly made in the USA, so if your man cave is full of flags and pictures of Uncle Sam, you might find what you’re looking for in Rogue River Tactical.

The build quality seems good and the prints are vivid and clean, but the Rogue River products suffer a bit from a lack of imagination and range, and this will hold them back when there are so many better options available out there.


  • Good print quality
  • Easy to mount
  • Nice background textures
  • Sturdy aluminum


  • Generic slogans
  • Very limited range

Sueper Tin signs

Sueper has a couple of signs available, but there really isn’t a lot to choose from, and they really struggle to keep up with the competition. Flimsy materials, glaring graphics, and weak content make this the least likely selection for your man cave but the content is unique, so check them out.


Sueper has gone with the template for the explicit content warning logo on CDs to present their message that “What happens in the garage stays in the garage.” If your man cave is in a garage, it could just fit, and these signs are a little cheaper than the rest here. If you like the kind of glaring, black and white theme, you might appreciate this, but the specificity of the text means it has a limited range of applications. As a man cave accessory, it really doesn’t quite hit the mark.

The sign’s variant, “What happens on the patio stays in the patio”, goes with a printed wooden-style background and, unlike the first sign, is in portrait. Again, there are limited uses for a porch in a man cave, but if you have one, it could be a better option. The contrast is good, and the manufacturers have gone with black and white text against the background, which works to make the message pop.

Both signs are 12 x 8 and have four mounting holes in the corners. The aluminum quality is very low, and these signs are prone to bending, sometimes even before they arrive from the seller. The price tag isn’t as high as the previously reviewed signs, but it still implies a level of quality that this product fails to deliver. There’s a good chance you’ll have to mount this sign onto a backing board before you can hang it, as it’s a very soft metal.

Perhaps with an increased range, Sueper will be able to catch up to the heavyweights, but they’ll have to also focus on improving the build quality by using thicker sheet metal.

While it’s true that the Sueper signs are a bit flimsy and the range isn’t great, they are significantly cheaper than the other signs reviews here, and both signs are bright and eye-catching. They’re standard size for this type of sign and don’t cost as much, so if the thickness of the metal isn’t an issue, they might be a better-value alternative to the more expensive signs on this list.


  • Low cost
  • Makes a good gift
  • Bright printing
  • 4 mounting holes


  • Flimsy
  • Not really suitable for a wide range of man caves

Alotaloha Funny Man Cave Signs

Alotaloha has several funny signs that are perfect for man cave environments. The content ranges from generic to witty, and almost every sign is beer-related. These ones are therefore good for a man cave with a bar, and you get the impression Alotaloha is very oriented towards the man cave market.


With a couple of exceptions, these are mostly drinking-themed man cave signs that are almost specifically designed for putting up in a bar or hangout room. There’s a medium-range of content, with some genuinely witty one-liners. The signs are all aluminum and made in the US. The price is in the same range as the signs from BB and Putuo, but the range is more limited.

These are novelty signs with no attempt at a vintage theme, so again, if they’re going up around old and tarnished signs, they may look out of place. Still, the colors are tastefully done, and the signs have an over-saturated quality for artistic effect that somehow seems to fit well with the drinking theme.

One of the exceptions to the drinking theme says, “What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave”, which doesn’t exactly win any points for originality but does make it the only sign explicitly appropriate for any man cave. Alotaloha is clearly finding its niche!

The aluminum is sturdy and the signs are said to be weatherproof. They can be hung outdoors or inside, and there are two mounting holes. The edges are rounded off. The signs are the standard 8 x 12 and come in both orientations, depending on the message.

Alotaloha might be the right place to look if you’re specifically interested in drinking signs, but that’s almost where the range ends. The content is funny but not the best in this list, though definitely a welcome improvement on Sueper and Rogue River Tactical.

The price is in line with other good quality signs, and the print quality seems good. It might be worth keeping an eye on this brand as their range increases because they’ve clearly got a man cave theme and there may be some great new content coming out in the future.


  • Decent-quality material
  • Mid-range price
  • Nice use of saturation in the artwork
  • Legitimately amusing


  • Limited range of material
  • Not vintage

Final Verdict

Alotaloha brings in some good attempts, and you’re likely to find something there if you want drinking signs, but for large size and bright quality, look to BB. If you want vintage to stick with a theme, go with Putuo, Sueper and Rogue River Tactical are both best avoided.