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Best Golf Décor for Man Cave

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Having your own space is important to just about everybody. For guys that can find the space, this often leads to them creating a man cave, and most man caves have some sort of aesthetic theme. Many guys are into golf and so why not create a whole room that is their very own based on their favorite sport. 

In order to give this man cave that aesthetic, some décor must be included. But there are many different options, so we thought we’d take a look at some great pieces that could be the best golf décor for that man cave they have been designing. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best décor options for man caves!

Man Cave Golf Décor Reviews

1. ALAZA Golf Ball Clock

The first golf décor piece is a round wall clock that is crafted with care to give a golf aesthetic to any man cave. Crafted with lightweight materials, it offers a lot of versatility in placement as well as style.


This golf clock is crafted with high-quality PVC material and operated via AA batteries. The face is made with a PVC board and utilizes metal pointers. It is finished with waterproof paint and a silent non-ticking system. It is perfect for use on flat surfaces or even to hang on the wall and could make a wonderful gift for any guy looking for new golf décor for his man cave.

There are a lot of great features that are included in this simple yet aesthetically pleasing golf clock. It is crafted with lightweight materials, so it’s easy to move from place to place and works well with the easy installation. But when one is looking to add a clock, the most important factor is the accuracy of time, and this system has a timing mechanism that keeps a very good time. This system is also designed to offer reduced noise levels thanks to the non-ticking design. Overall, this is a handcrafted option that offers a pleasing golf aesthetic.

That being said, a few issues need to be addressed. The first is that though the color seems brighter in the pictures, it is slightly flatter than some would like. Also, many have found that the overall dimensions of the clock are a little smaller than they would prefer when placing a clock in their man cave.

Even with these issues, the overall value of this clock and what it can bring to any man cave is well worth investing in.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • The timing mechanism keeps a very accurate time
  • Designed to offer reduced noise levels
  • Handcrafted with an acrylic textured finish for a pleasing aesthetic


  • Issues with the color being flat
  • Some have found the clock to be smaller than expected

2. 5-Piece Golf Wall Art Installation

When one is looking to give their man cave a bit of a golf makeover, it’s important to keep the aesthetic going. That means including decor pieces like this awesome golf wall art installation.


This five-piece wall art canvas installation is designed with a high-definition image printed on high-quality canvas in vivid colors for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Each canvas print is outfitted with a black hook and individually wrapped for care. This man cave wall art comes in a multitude of different sizes and images so that the gentleman can choose which works best for his aesthetic.

Every man cave needs wall art to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. This is an excellent option for those who are into golf because it is so perfectly designed for that type of look. Each of the five pieces is easy to hang up thanks to the fact that they not only include straight panels but are designed with a black hook for easy mounting. The ability to choose between different sizes and images makes this a piece that can be customized to any man cave, elevating the value tenfold.

Though the imagery is excellent, there are some drawbacks to investing in this wall installation. Many find that the canvas is a little thin and too lightweight, leaving it less durable than other options. Also, some reports had shown glue on the canvas when it arrived, though this is not universal.

Each of these two issues may detract a little from the value, but overall all the great features mentioned above make it well worth considering when designing a golf-themed man cave.


  • Easy to hang up thanks to straight panels
  • Excellent image for improved aesthetic
  • Comes in multiple different sizes and images
  • Designed with a hook already attached for mounting on a wooden bar


  • Some find panels a little too thin and lightweight
  • Issues with glue showing on the canvas

3. Jishi Golf Pen Holder

When a guy starts to design a man cave, they have many things in mind. One of those may well be game night, and in order to have a game night, you have to have pens available. After all, some games need them. So this pen holder is a great addition to any man cave!


This mini-golf bag pen holder is designed with two movable wheels and three mini-golf club pens, and one miniature golf ball. Each of the pens is a different color – red, blue, and black. It makes a wonderful gift or addition to a man cave for those guys out there that are serious about their golf game.

It’s always nice to add a little bit of whimsy to the man cave. This holder is definitely able to do that. Created with a playful aesthetic and a realistic look, it will add a little touch of something extra. The pens themselves are workable and the ink cartridges are easy to replace. On top of that, it comes with a fun little stand that only heightens the level of its overall look. While it only comes with three pens, the holder can hold quite a few pens so that the guy can always ensure that everyone there can have a pen when necessary.

Though the pens are well designed, they don’t necessarily fit as well as expected. On top of that, they are thin and small compared to many guys’ hands, which could be a problem.

Overall, with the holder capacity and fun look, it is worth a second glance. It could definitely be that one little something that ties the whole room together.


  • The holder is designed with a playful aesthetic
  • Ink cartridges of the pins are easily replaced
  • Comes with a stand for a more realistic aesthetic
  • Holder has a large capacity


  • Some find the pens that come with them to be thin and small
  • Pens don’t write as well as expected

4. ALAZA Sunset Sport Rug

In order to add a little something more, one might want to look for a nice area rug. If the guy is going for a golf motif, this sunset sports golf ball area rug could be a great addition. 


This rug is crafted with a soft spongy inner layer and durable, high-density elastic cotton. Printed with a multitude of different images, it is highly customizable and crafted with a soft drapery for a pleasant touch. The materials also offer fade and wear-resistant machine washable components.

There are so many great things about this area rug that it’s hard to pick the one that stands out. That being said, the rugs are fade and wear-resistant as well as able to be machine washed, which is quite the benefit. On top of that, there is a wide range of prints to choose from, so one can make sure that it matches the aesthetic of the man cave.

Also, the last thing anyone wants to do is walk on a carpet that doesn’t feel great, so the low pile effect of this rug gives a pleasant touch and makes it more comfortable. Lastly, if it does happen to crease, it is easy to handle because it can be easily removed with steam.

Just because it has many great benefits doesn’t mean it’s a perfect product. In fact, some find that it is too lightweight, meaning that placing it under furniture could cause it to bunch and leave indentations in the imagery. Also, the rug is finished with an anti-skid dot rug backing like a bathmat, and that may not play well if you’re utilizing it on another carpet.

Those two issues could cause some to reconsider investing in this rug. But if they are not placing it under furniture or on another carpet, these factors don’t play into the decision.


  • Comes in a wide range of prints
  • Utilizes low pile for a very pleasant touch
  • Crafted with fade and wear-resistant machine washable polypropylene
  • Creases are easy to remove with steam


  • Some find it too lightweight, allowing for bunching when placed under furniture
  • Issues with the anti-skid dot rug backing

5. Personalized Golf Name Art

Having wall art that is a golf theme is one thing when someone is decorating their man cave in this aesthetic. But having a customized piece makes it even more special, which is why this last man cave golf décor piece has made the list. 


This block-mounted personalized golf art comes in a wide range of sizes in order to make it customizable to the room it’s being mounted in. It is an unframed style that uses high-resolution photos to lay out the individual’s name. The unit comes ready to hang and is a great gift item for those guys out there that really love to get out on the green.

No matter if this is a gift or something one of the guys out there is purchasing for their own happiness, it is a great option. It is a frameless option that gives it a more modern look and makes it look aesthetically pleasing. The wood the images are mounted to is strong, meaning it’ll stand up to just about anything. On top of that, the images used to spell out the guy’s name are clear and very readable, making it stand out when mounted on the wall. But maybe the best thing is that this is a personalized option that not only ties into the theme of the man cave but also gives it a personal touch that can be used in other rooms if necessary.

Though the personalization is a nice touch, it has a few drawbacks. Because of the customization of the piece, some may find that the price may not match the quality of the artwork. Along with that, one has to be careful not to get any water on it as the image is not water-resistant and could cause potential damage.

Both of those issues have nothing to do with the quality or the overall aesthetic, and that’s why we think this is a great addition to any man cave, especially if they’re into golf!


  • The picture is clear and very readable
  • Offers a personalized touch to the man cave
  • Frames are nice to look at
  • Wood mount is strong


  • Some might find the price a bit steep
  • The picture is not water-resistant

Final Thoughts

One can use a whole wealth of ideas to make their man cave more golf-centric. From the colors they choose to the décor, it all plays a part in the execution of a successful design scheme. Man caves are very personal, and personalization may include themed decorations for those deep into the game of golf. 

Above, we’ve looked at several different options in different types of décor so that the guys out there could have access to a wide range of options to make that man cave the best it could be. We hope it helps them make those very important decisions in order to make that man cave exactly what they always dreamed of!