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Best Man Cave Poker Table

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Many guys dream of having their own space to hang out with their friends. Those lucky enough to have the space call it a man cave, and within that cave, they want to put as much as possible into it so they can have epic nights with their buddies. One of the things many people like to invest in is a card table, in particular one that’s designed for poker nights. 

A wide range of options come in different shapes and sizes and player capacities, so deciding which one they want to invest in could be challenging. Understanding this, we have taken a look at some of the best man cave poker tables below to make the decision-making process a little easier.

Man Cave Poker table Reviews

1. SereneLifeHome 8 Player Octagonal Poker Table

For those dealing with a man cave with limited space, portability and storage are always key, and the first poker table on the list has both of those in spades.


This table handles up to eight players and is perfect for poker. It’s crafted with a high-quality, sturdy top and utilizes lightweight metal legs. Rounding out the entire table is the padded armrests crafted in the casino style. Other great features include deeper cup holders and the ability to fold down for storage.

There are so many wonderful things about this poker table that one can take advantage of in their man cave. The first, of course, is the fact that it is easy to assemble and stow away when one is done with a game night. It is designed with eight cup holders so every player can have a beverage close at hand during those long sessions. Speaking of liquids, there’s no fear of spillage because the cushion is water-resistant, which means it can stand up to anything. Along with that, the unit is finished with a casino-grade belt which means it’ll have a higher durability rate.

Though it has many great features, a few issues must be addressed before final decisions are made. The first is that there are eight cupholders; although deep, they are not wide. Some find this frustrating. Furthermore, some may find the price a problem for those working on a small budget.

Even with those issues, this table is still well worth an investment if you’re looking for a portable and easily stored away option. Many have found that this is the perfect inclusion for their man cave overall aesthetic and allows them to really have a great guys’ night in.


  • Cushion railing is water-resistant
  • It comes with eight built-in drink holders
  • Designed with casino-grade felt surface
  • The table is easy to assemble and stow away


  • Some may find the price a little bit steep
  • Issues with the size of the cup holders

2. KARMAS Product Poker Table

The next table is designed in an octagonal shape that allows up to eight players to participate in whatever guys’ night has been planned.


This poker table is crafted using a traditional green felt top and high-quality wood and metal. The unit comes with padded armrests, all of which combine to make a durable and stable game table. Its surface is printed with card placement to get a realistic feel. When not in use, the unit can be folded away easily for storage.

We’ve already discussed many great things above, from the fact that the legs are foldable, which allows the table to become smaller and fit in tighter areas. On top of that, all the materials used are high quality for extra durability. But maybe the best thing is the fact that the surface is printed with professional card placement. This gives a realistic feel and provides the unit with more value.

That being said, though almost all of the materials used are high grade, some have found the legs get easily scratched and dirty. This may be problematic for those that have a little bit more OCD when it comes to cleanliness. Along with this, there are some complaints of the cup holders being less than consistent in size and unable to fit comfortably on the table.

Though there are some issues, as we’ve just discussed overall, this is a well-made option that could be great. It offers a realistic feel of a casino poker table which some may find to be the best thing they can bring to a game night in with the fellas.


  • Legs are easily folded up to help with taking up less space
  • The materials used are high quality for more durability
  • Surface is printed with professional card placement areas for a more realistic feel
  • Price versus value beats many of its competitors


  • Some issues with the consistency of sizing of the cup holders
  • Issues with the legs becoming scratched and dirty

3. DC Diclasse Card Table

This table is outfitted with many great features that make the foldable poker table perfect for any night with the guys. Crafted from high-quality material, it is perhaps one of the best options, especially for those looking for a budget-friendly one.


This foldable octagon poker table is crafted in solid MDF and utilizes a soft PU material for the armrest. The table itself is finished with a green speed felt. The felt itself is printed with card placement areas for easier access to starting games and outfitted with eight different card placement areas. Finishing it off are stainless steel cup holders for each player.

The features built into this poker table might have people thinking they would pay a pretty penny for it. But because of the high quality and budget-friendly materials used in it, this is a perfect option for those guys out there looking for a good deal. The solid MDF frame helps with their ability and is also lightweight. On top of that, it’s comfortable to use thanks to the green felt, which gives a good touch, but also because of the high elastic sponge pad used for the armrest surrounding the table.

Even with all that, there are still some issues that some take with the overall model. It is transportable and portable, but the legs are attached. So to get that portability and ability to stow away in small places, you’ll have to remove the legs every time you put it up. Along with that, some have found that the legs don’t lock very easily into place.

It may seem a little like a false advertisement to say this is a portable and easily stored away option due to the legs, but if one has the time, it is definitely a compact product. That being said, it’s also very budget-friendly, and for those who want a realistic card table, it could be a great option.


  • High-quality table for a budget-friendly price
  • Crafted with a solid MDF frame for improved durability
  • Lightweight and portable for travel
  • Finished with a high elastic sponge pad for improved comfort


  • Some find having to remove the legs to fold it down frustrating
  • Issues with the legs not locking in place

4. Oasis TuscanyPro High Roller Table

This entry on the list is a poker table designed in a professional high roller manner and outfitted with a ton of things that make it not only extremely durable but also highly portable for those fellas looking to move the game from man cave to man cave.


The table is crafted in high-quality anodized aluminum and finished with an MDF table top. That table top is covered with a washable pearl black leather fabric that gives it a unique aesthetic. Designed to be utilized by up to six players, the unit also comes with built-in poker chip trays and cups. Along with that, the unit offers an adjustable height system to ensure that all the players are comfortable.

When it comes to looking at this table, the overall aesthetic and then the new style of the tabletop cover makes it stand out amongst the crowd. Finished with black leather fabric and designed with built-in poker trays, it is a masterpiece that will have the guys out there staying organized and feeling like they are professional players. Additionally, the adjustable height means that everybody can be comfortable, and there will be fewer distractions during the game. Then when one is done, you can simply fold it down and store it away in the storage bag. This also makes it easier to transport from one place to the other.

Though all of those features are amazing, there are some drawbacks to investing in this table. First off, if one has more than six friends coming over, this table is too small. So for man caves that are looking to host poker nights with more players, another option will need to be considered. On top of that, though it is easily adjusted, there are some concerns about the legs locking into position when open.

Even with those two issues, if the guy that is looking at this table has less than six players, it is worth investing in. Especially if the overall look goes with the man cave décor.


  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at thanks to the unique black leather fabric
  • Built-in poker trays and cup holders for better organization
  • The table comes with a storage bag
  • Table can be adjusted in height


  • Only able to sit six players
  • Trouble locking into position when open

5. Vilobos Folding Poker Table

The last poker table on the list is a folding variety that is perfect for any type of poker or any type of card game in general. Crafted with care about comfort and durability, the unit offers a lot to any guy who wants to invest his hard-earned money in a good poker table.


The table is designed in an octagon shape and is able to house up to eight players. The legs themselves are crafted in high-grade aluminum and designed to fold in for better storage. The tabletop itself is crafted with an anti-corrosive MDF board and finished with a high-quality filled surface.

No matter who the guy is that’s investing their money in this one, we’re sure they want to be able to use it for a long time. That’s why including the anti-corrosive MDF board utilized in the tabletop is such a great addition. This allows for a longer life, which, coupled with high quality felt surface makes this table a very smart investment. The felt surface also helps reduce noise and improves comfort.

Noise reduction is key, especially for the guys that don’t want to interrupt their significant other’s night. The legs themselves are designed to be attached and folded in for better space management, and the cup holders are perfect for just about anything.

Though the felt is high quality and very comfortable, many have found that it discolors quite easily. That means it might require more cleaning than other options on the list. Also, though the foldable legs are attached to make for better space management, many find them quite tricky to actually fold down.

While the design has some imperfections, this high-quality option would be a great addition to many guys’ man caves.


  • Crafted with anti-corrosive MDF board for longer life
  • A felt surface reduces noise and elevates comfort
  • Designed with foldable legs for better space management
  • Good-sized cup holders that can hold almost anything


  • Some have found it discolors easily
  • Not as easy to fold down as other models

Final Thoughts

There are many factors one must consider when thinking about investing in a poker table for their man cave. Not only is the player count important, but the table’s durability also plays a vital part in the decision-making process. But maybe the biggest consideration to look at is how easy it is to store away when done. Most man caves aren’t very big, which means limited space for other activities if the table needs to be left up. 

The models we looked at above can all be folded down in some manner to store away when done. This leaves the rest of the man cave open for other activities, which is key. No matter which model is chosen from above, we’re sure it will add something special to that man cave and make those nights even more memorable for the guys and their buddies!