Best Man Cave Posters

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An important component of an effective man cave is the artwork. As functional as it needs to be, a themed room can make all the difference when it comes to vibe and comfort. Whether it’s a sports room, cinema, or workshop, there is a multitude of decorative options available.

Here’s a look at five popular options for man cave presentation, from small print sets to large metal posters and vintage signs, to help you get a feel for what’s out there and find inspiration. Mix and match, or stick with a theme; you can do either with these stylish man cave posters.

Man Cave Posters Reviews

Flower Beads Motor Oil Antique Tin Signs

For the vintage gas station-themed cave, there are these awesome-looking tin signs. Smaller than a lot of posters but versatile in their hanging options and orientations, these metallic plates really bring an old feel into the room. They are perfect wall art accompaniments to a tool shed or a biker bar-style room, but perhaps could be higher resolution and a little bigger.


If you’re a fan of the vintage style, these metal posters really look the part. Each one is made of real tin with rolled edges for safety, and they come in a range of classic brands such as Texaco, Castrol, or Shell.

The signs come in different orientations and sizes, giving you flexibility in where to hang them. They come with pre-drilled mounting holes and are individually packaged so as not to get chipped in transit.

Each sign is printed to look like the original enamels, and the resolution could be better, but they are made to look quite authentic. They’re also smaller than the originals, but you get five signs for the price, so you can make up for it by placing a bunch of them around a room.

The soft tin is easily bent, but this is only a problem during transit and storage and shouldn’t cause any issues when the signs are mounted. The price is reasonable for what you get and allows you to collect several packs without breaking the bank.

If your man cave doubles up as a functioning workshop, if you’re a fan of the Fallout series, or you just love the post-apocalyptic or vintage gas station aesthetic, these signs would make a good addition to your space. The packs may slightly favor quantity over quality, but they’re still great value for money and a fresh choice for vintage wall art in your cave. Hang them in your garage or on the wall of your cinema room; there are enough signs to go around!


  • Well-executed vintage effect
  • Five signs in a pack with different orientations for hanging anywhere
  • Made from real tin for an authentic feel
  • Recognizable old brands


  • Some prints are low-resolution and pixelated
  • Signs might be smaller than expected

YellowBird wall art posters

This is an impressive curation of art and design pieces, with something for everyone. However, a strange choice of printing medium and small size might have customers wondering where their money is going.


Yellowbird offers a wide range of wall art in poster form. Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, these 8 x 10 prints cater to numerous man cave aesthetics. There are Kobe Bryant prints, rustic, farmhouse, religious, and nautical styles, among many others, and you can get a discount on multiple prints. For humorous sayings or satirical art pieces, this might be a place to look.

The posters themselves come as a single print, with no frame. This is the kind of print you can take to a film store and do yourself – nothing particularly special – and does seem a bit lacking in substance. Fuji color crystal archive paper is high-quality photographic paper, so if you’re looking for a glossy finish, this one’s for you. If you’d prefer something closer to canvas or paper, you might be disappointed.

The range of subjects really is impressive, and the curator clearly has a diverse set of products, from the kind of poster you’d find in your great aunt’s bathroom to some genuinely motivational and funny subject matter. One of the strongest points in this review has to be that there is something for everyone here.

The posters are 8 x 10, which, although mentioned on the listing, still seems to be surprisingly small. They also come without a frame, which means that you’ll need to pay extra to hang them. The multiple purchase discount might come in handy here, as you’ll probably need to have more than one to help fill your space.

All in all, the price is a little steep for such a small print, and those who aren’t expecting the glossy photo paper might be surprised at the quality too. A lot of these prints would do better on matte rather than gloss, especially the classic paintings. The product does give the impression that you’re paying extra to have someone take your print to the Fuji store and post it to you. Still, if you’re ok with that, this range will almost certainly have something to offer.


  • An eclectic range with something for any man cave aesthetic
  • Tasteful, high-resolution images
  • Multiple purchase discount
  • High-quality photo paper


  • Prints are small
  • Would look much better with a matt finish

Haus and Hues Art Prints

Haus and Hues have a wide range of home décor pieces, most appropriately some attractive beer and wine posters that would sit nicely in the bar section of a man cave. The price is right, and the printing quality differs from the competition, which could be enough to put them ahead.


Haus and Hues’ most applicable content for your man cave might be the ‘Beer guide’ or ‘Wine guide’ posters. These are striking artist depictions of different types of beer and wine with the name written underneath for easy reference. These posters depict 48 and 18 drinks, respectively, and are large enough to be seen clearly above a minibar, for example.

At 12 x 16, these are much larger posters than the YellowBird material and for a similar price. The size means they can be seen across the room and draw attention from a distance. Again, they don’t come with a frame, but there are some hanging suggestions on the site, including DIY bulldog clip or coat hanger hanging methods, which are quite a nice touch.

These posters would be a good option for a gallery wall as part of a series of informative prints. The spacing is good, not too overwhelming, especially in the wine poster, and would look good surrounded by other infographics or menu items. If your cave has a minibar, these will sit nicely next to the chalkboard cocktail menu on the wall.

Although the posters are striking and aesthetically pleasing, their information doesn’t serve much of a purpose. They’re definitely more faux-educational; the images are simply colored drinks with the name underneath. Wine is differentiated by shade, but these are not photographs, merely drawings, so even that isn’t a reliable depiction of the drink itself. In the beer poster, the glass guide may be somewhat useful in picking the most appealing glass type for the beer, but otherwise, treat these as more art pieces than reference guides.

The company uses Giclee printing for its posters, which comes highly recommended and respected by artists for use in their prints. It’s a form of high-resolution ink-jet printing and suggests a level of professionalism and understanding in the manufacturer of these posters.

Overall, these are good value art posters with decent dimensions. Perhaps a little short in information to be called a ‘guide’, though.


  • Good printing methods
  • Large size posters
  • Hanging ideas
  • Good price


  • ‘Guides’ don’t have a lot of information

Summit Designs Wal Décor

Summit Designs produces a variety of print topics, focusing heavily on sports. The print sizes range from small 8 x 10 to 11 x 14 and larger. Many of the prints come as a set, which fit together to form a themed display. The choice of printing medium leaves a bit to be desired, but the range of topics and sizes is a strong selling point.


Summit has a great range of man cave-appropriate artwork: Skateboarding, Rock N’ Roll, Football, and Motocross, among others. Again, the smaller ones come in an 8 x 10 glossy print with no frame, but there are larger posters that come as singles or in complementary pairs. Some of the small prints come in packs of four and are designed to fit together as a display.

There are designs for a lot of popular sports, so a home gym or room to watch the game would definitely benefit from these prints.

The prints are in color or black and white, but the black and white have more of a blue tint to them. The art is tasteful and well-done, and the price is in line with other listings on this review.

Overall, these are good-looking prints, but many are quite small, and none of them come framed. The four-print sets go a long way to increasing the value for money, but the quality is questionable since they come as glossy, 8 x 10 pieces, and the larger posters and poster groupings might give the impression of getting more bang for your buck.

If you’re happy with glossy prints, this will be a good buy, but don’t forget to budget for multiple frames!


  • A good range of sports and activities
  • Posters come in sets that form a display
  • Different sizes available
  • Not too expensive


  • Comes on professional glossy photo paper

Eeypy range of Fishing Wall Art

Here is another producer of vintage-looking metal posters for your man cave. These are more standard in size than the Flower Beads signs and mostly cover fishing. They’re larger, too, so they provide a good option for larger walls or for breaking up some of the smaller pieces in the room, though they might lose some points for the low-resolution. These pieces would sit well around an open fireplace in a wooden room, alongside some old nets or glass buoys.


Eeypy offers a nice range of fishing posters in 12 x 8 and 16 x 12 dimensions. These posters are either images with short texts or more informative fishing guides such as identifying types of lures or saltwater fish.

The artwork on these posters is pleasant to look at and resembles something from an Enid Blyton book or a boy’s annual from the 1960s. The information on the poster guides is a lot more useful and educational than the Haus and Hues guides, too. For example, the freshwater game fish poster has a depiction of the common types of freshwater fish with a piece of information on the record catch, alongside its location and date, something that will definitely draw attention from a distance.

These are aluminum pieces, and some have a weathered aesthetic like a rusted, old road sign. Each one comes with four pre-drilled mounting holes, and the edges are rolled over and protected.

The designs for the larger posters have been blown up to fit the sign, so they can come out a bit blurry, and that’s a common problem with large metal prints, but if they’re hung at a distance, this won’t be a problem.

This is a real throwback for anyone who loves the pre-internet theme. Outdoorsy, vintage, and charming, these posters offer the kind of décor your grandpa would be proud of, as well as some genuinely useful information for those who are enthusiastic about fishing. For a man cave situated inside a log cabin, these metal posters could be the perfect touch.


  • Large size
  • Nice, metallic rusty appeal
  • Beautiful, informative content
  • Pre-drilled holes


  • Low-resolution prints can be blurry up close

Final Verdict

Flower Beads and Eeypy both make decent metal décor for your walls. They both offer a weathered, vintage appeal, and they would complement each other nicely in the right space. But if you want more poster-like décor, you might find a more pleasant printing look from Haus and Hues.