Best TV Wall Mounts

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As televisions get thinner with larger screens, it continues to become more and more popular to mount your TV on the wall. Without the bulky boxes and rolling big screens of decades past, not only does this practice make more sense, but it also saves floor space.

Whether you’re outfitting a home theater or your man cave, consider freeing up some room and hang your television instead of dealing with cumbersome entertainment centers. Which wall attachment works best, though? We did our research to help find you the best TV wall mount for your size television.

My Top Pick

For those that want to skip to my top pick, it is hard to beat the ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount. It is one of the best rated products on the market, has a full range of motion and will fit most 26-55″ screens.

What to look for in a tV wall mount

Fortunately, there are more complicated things in life to figure out than which TV wall mount is best for you. However, that doesn’t mean you should jump online and buy the very first one you see with decent ratings.

Getting the best TV wall mount involves making sure you have the correct size, know that both your wall and the mount will hold up your television, and considering things such as the angle you’ll watch or game at in your man cave or home theater. Here are some things to consider when buying a TV wall mount:

VESA Compatible

VESA, or Video Electronics Standards Association, made it simple to mount nearly all televisions. TVs now follow the same mounting pattern because of VESA, which makes buying a wall attachment much less of a headache.

Your television is almost guaranteed to be compatible with the mount you purchase, as long as you pick one that fits your TV size.

Almost all mounts will be VESA compatible, but if you find one that is not, or does not include a VESA-compatible pattern plate, look elsewhere. Check to make sure your size specifications fit the attachment, too.

Size and weight Capacity

It should go without saying that you need to know the size of your television before you purchase a wall mount. If you’ve had your TV for a while and don’t remember the exact size, measure the screen (not the outer edge) diagonally. Do not measure from side-to-side. Getting an attachment that fits the dimensions of your television is one of the most vital specifications to make sure you get right.

The second most crucial element to look for in a wall mount would be its weight capacity.Televisions are getting lighter and lighter these days, but if you have a slightly older model, it might weigh too much for a specific wall mount to hold.Don’t chance it by hoping a TV that is just a little over a mount’s weight capacity. If a manufacturer states their mount will hold up to a certain weight, it’s because they’ve tested it.

You are risking both your wall (and potentially ripping a hole in it) as well as your TV by going above those limits.

Height and Pivot Capability

The average eye-level height for a TV is 42 inches from the floor. That might seem on the low side, but most of the time, you will be sitting while watching your television. Even for hanging pictures, the interior design industry standard is to hang items at just 57 inches—the average line of sight for humans.

If you plan to mount your television higher than this, you will probably want an attachment that can pivot not just side-to-side, but also tilt down toward the floor. If your TV hangs too high once you’re seated, and you cannot pivot it on a downward angle, you’ll likely end up frustrated with the hanging. You’ll also potentially have to deal with awkward glares off the screen if you watch from an angle that is too low.

Slim mount or More Movement

You need to spend at least a few minutes seriously thinking about whether you need some movement in your TV wall mount or if it’s more important that it’s slim.

Even movable wall mounts are getting slimmer as modern designs improve. However, you will typically have a bulkier unit if the mount can extend out from the wall, move in a variety of angles, and pivot up and down.

Test out a few spots in your room and envision the TV where you want it. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are there multiple rows of seating in your man cave or home theater, such as bar stools behind a sofa? 
  • Is it possible you will watch or game from different seats at different times of the day because of window light?
  • Will you host people often and need some flexibility in your TV’s movement?
  • Do you have a small room where conserving every inch of space, even against walls, is crucial?
  • If you have a bulky mount, will you see it from the side when you enter the room?

Answering these questions will help give you a better idea of whether you need a thinner wall mount or one that has more capability of movement.

It’s true that you can get a bit of both in some attachments, but if you want a mount that is virtually flush against the wall, you might have to give up some side-to-side or pivoting capabilities.

Your wall type

Most people will mount their TVs on drywall, and that’s likely what you’ll be doing, too. Nearly all TV mounts are compatible with drywall.

However, in some cases, you might need to attach your television to plaster, brick, or concrete walls. These walls are a bit more challenging with which to work. Screws will be tougher to rip from these harder walls, but that means drilling into them is also more challenging.

If you are hanging a TV on brick, concrete, plaster walls, or any other extra-hard surface, you will need special tools such as masonry drill bits. Make sure you do a little research and figure out what type of screws and wall anchors you need if your wall is not drywall.

All that said, we’ve selected the best TV wall mounts for the most common television sizes.

Best TV Wall Mounts

1. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Tilt

Best for 25 to 29 Inches

This versatile TV mount is incredible for smaller televisions. The virtually limitless adjustments you can make to your TV angle on this unit is a significant selling point for us. The price is also very affordable, which is another bonus.

One of the more impressive features is that you can slide the mounting plate on and off. In other words, you can attach the plate to your TV without having to have someone hold the television up to the wall while you attempt to screw in the mount behind it. Cumbersome, frustrating attachment processes were so last decade.

You can tilt your TV forward up to 20 degrees (more than most units), pull it away from the wall, angle it from side-to-side, and push it back flat against the mount if you want. You do lose just a little slimness in the design because of all the movement capability. However, for the price, ease of installation, and movement, we think it’s worth it.

2. Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount with Low Profile Design

Best for 30 to 34 inches

We like the ECHOGEAR tilting wall mount for TVs around 30 to 34 inches. While the manufacturer states it can work with larger televisions, and it can for many TVs, it seems to be best for those on the smaller end of the size recommended.

While this mount does not sit entirely flush against the wall, it is better than many. Instead of sticking out five or more inches, this attachment only adds two and a half inches to the depth of your television setup.

The brackets can adjust horizontally, making this an excellent wall mount if you have a 30 inch TV but suspect you might upgrade to something just a little larger in the future. You’re not going to pull your television out and move it back and forth with this unit, but if you need a relatively flat mount that can pivot a bit up and down, this is an excellent choice.


3. Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket

Best for 35 to 39 Inches

It’s challenging to come by better customer ratings for a television attachment than you get with ECHOGEAR’s full motion TV mount. If you need to hang a television in a corner, this unit is a fantastic option. If you have a room with various seating options and want to be able to adjust the TV angle, again, this is one to consider.

Not only is this a swiveling mount (side-to-side), you can pivot it up and down and also pull the TV straight out away from the wall up to 20 inches. The smooth movement of this piece is excellent, and it stays where you place it without having to turn knobs or lock anything in place.


The brackets are sturdy, and while you need to assemble this mount, the process is simple. Better yet, when this mount fully retracts, it only sits out about 2.9 inches.

4. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty, Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Best for 40 to 54 inches

Amazon Basics seems to have taken a cue from other best selling TV wall mounts and capitalized on what worked for others. This heavy-duty unit pulls out from the wall nearly 20 inches, can swivel side-to-side, pivots up and down, and has a robust weight capacity.

This unit is not your mount if you need to hang a TV in a corner. However, if you have a slightly heavier television and want the ability to adjust angles and pivot, we like this option. It has a pretty decent low profile for a wall mount with an extending arm.


As with most TV mounts, the size scale stated on the product tends to work better for televisions that fall in the middle of that range. If your TV is only 32 inches or is a massive 80-inch model, we’d recommend a different mount. However, if you have anything between 40 and 60 inches, this is a fantastic unit to consider.

5. Cheetah Mounts Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket

Best for 55 to 64 inches

Cheetah makes a heavy-duty, versatile TV mount for an incredible price with this articulating unit. This mount collapses down to 2.7 inches when retracted to the wall and extends out nearly 15 inches.

One thing we love about this mount that can be challenging to find on other units is that you can adjust your television not only with a pivot or side-to-side but also on rotation. If you have a lot of trouble getting your TV level, have wonky walls, or need to rotate your set for any other reason, this is a unit to check out.

This mount can hold a pretty hefty television, up to 115 pounds, and feels secure and sturdy. Cheetah states not to hang this mount over a fireplace (we agree you should avoid that with any television unless you have an electric, heatless hearth). However, outside of that, you get a lifetime guarantee with this model.


Plenty of TV wall mounts are available for reasonable prices and work with all sorts of modern televisions. Keep in mind where you need to hang your set if you need a bracket that will work in a corner or not and the size and weight of your TV. With some minimal effort considering the needs of your room or man cave, you can find a durable, budget-friendly TV mount that will save you space and give your entertainment area a sleeker, more modern vibe.