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Best Cool Rugs For Man Cave Of 2021 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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For any man cave to stay stylish and appealing all year round, it needs regular renovations and improvements done. The importance of making adjustments around any house cannot be overstated. Apart from making the theme robust, man cave renovations increase the value of a property.

When we mention renovations, some men think of expensive makeovers. However, these improvements start with simple things such as repainting faded spots. Today our focus is on the living room and, more significantly, the type of rug you have. Consider these simple and stylish rugs that will definitely re-invent your space and make it stand out.

Cool Rugs for Man Cave Reviews

1. ALAZA Vintage Baseball in Glove Rug

Baseball fanatics will definitely love this rug. It is the piece you have been missing to complete the baseball field vibe in your living space. Generally, it is brown, making it easier for it to blend in almost any setup. In addition, the rug clearly depicts a refined image of a baseball in a glove.


The ALAZA Vintage Baseball in Glove Rug is a product of a soft sponge interlayer and high-density elastic cotton. Its soft sponge interlayer gives it a smooth and soothing feel. The high-density stretchy cotton is what enhances its durability.

This rug comes in a size of 7’ x 5’, enough to cover a standard living room. These dimensions are just right as the rug fits in perfectly.

Most people love it because of its unique design that reveals its fashionable elements. The rug brings a uniquely modern vibe to the space. Its multicolor feature brightens up the room.

The ALAZA Vintage Baseball in Glove Rug is soft, drapery, and very pleasant to touch. However, it might be too comfortable that your cat would want to sleep on it all day. On the other hand, you’ll love the way it creates an expensive look when placed in any room.

Apart from the high-density elastic cotton used, the rugs are machine-made. Moreover, they are manufactured in a way that they resist fade and wear. These qualities make them versatile and you can comfortably use them for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Some users have reported that the rugs are comfy and safe for kids to play on. Another advantage is that you won’t have to spend hours vacuuming and cleaning it.

There are some concerns about cleaning it rather than just vacuuming. Most homes use their washing machines to clean their rugs. However, you might need a giant machine for this one since there are reports that it doesn’t properly fit into a standard one.


  • Easy to vacuum
  • Durable
  • Stylish, unique, and very pleasant to touch
  • Fade and wear-resistant


  • It does not easily fit into the standard washing machines.

2. Naanle Sports American Football Rug

Our second pick suits American football fans. The Naanle Sports American Football rug has this 3D visual effect of a football in a field. This rug is so detailed that one might think that they are on the football field for a second.
The Naanle Sports American Football rug is versatile, and you can choose to use it as a yoga mat or a stretching base.


The mat has dimensions of 5’ x 7’. These measurements make it possible for it to fit into any room quickly.
The Naanle Sports American Football rug is made from high-quality polyester, high-density memory sponge, and non-woven fabric that gives it a soft touch. Furthermore, the mat features comfortable cotton, non-slip dots, and neatly hemmed edges.

All these features work together to make it a personalized, unique, and modern rug. As a result, it is almost impossible for anyone to walk in and fail to notice the rug.

The main advantage of having it around is how versatile it is. It’s made to fit almost all the rooms in your home, be it the living room, dining or bedroom. However, it is not clear whether the rug is ideal for outdoor use.

As you use the Naanle Sports American Football rug, there will be no point where you will have to worry about the safety of your kids or pets. Instead, the rug creates a safe playing area where you can place your kid as you interact with others or get busy with other tasks.

Another thing, this would be an ideal housewarming gift. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the gesture.
There is even a multi-print select option for those who would love to explore other designs. The Naanle Sports American Football rug comes in different patterns to fit almost every occasion.

Despite all that, there are concerns that some people find it small and thin. Carefully consider the provided dimensions and judge if it is ideal for you.


  • Wear-resistant
  • Has a soft touch
  • Perfect for any room
  • Features a personalized, unique, and modern design


  • Some users find it too small and thin

3. Ottomanson Siesta Collection Hundred Dollar Bill Rug

Most of us love the feeling of having money, and is there a better way to express that than buying the Ottomanson Siesta Collection Hundred Dollar Bill Rug?

This rug is a game changer to every aspect of your life. Anytime you step or wipe your feet off with the money, your confidence increases. Self-confidence will unlock your full potential, and with that, it is easy to change dreams into reality. That is the power of this unique rug.


Siesta Collection designed the mat with the aspiration of embellishing indoor and outdoor spaces. The process aims to apply distinct tastes and touch while considering the latest trends and customer demands. With their vast knowledge and experience, they came up with the perfect décor.

The Ottomanson Siesta Collection Hundred Dollar Bill Rug is a product with a low-profile pile and a modern color palette. It features a durable non-slip rubber backing that does not require a rug gripper. This feature enhances safety as it prevents slips and falls.

The mat comes in a size of 3.3’ x 5’. This is the perfect rug size, and with the intricate design it has, it makes an elegant addition to any space.

There are various designs with different themes constructed with premium nylon fibers and overlock edges. These two properties prevent the mat from wearing and fading.

When it comes to cleaning, expect to use minimal effort. All you need to do is vacuum it regularly and spot clean it. Ensure that you do not dry clean if you want to retain its rich color palette and design.

One of the challenges you might face as you use this product is that it shifts if put on a carpeted floor. Fortunately, this is not the case for everyone since there are other factors, such as the angle of inclination.


  • Features a durable non-slip rubber backing that enhances safety
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • The rug has a rich, modern color palette and detailed design.


  • There are instances when the rug shifts easily when placed on a carpeted floor

4. Fanmats Nba Golden State Warriors Nba Court Rug

Are you a fan of the Golden State Warriors, and your dream is to step onto their court? Wish no more as with the FANMATS NBA Golden State Warriors NBA Court Rug, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing that daily.

The feeling is not the same as stepping onto the actual court, but you have to appreciate the idea. This rug makes you feel like a part of your favorite basketball team. It has vibrant colors that brighten up any place.

This mat is perfect for any gaming room, man cave, or next to the bed. It’s made of soft nylon that can support moderate to high foot traffic.


The FANMATS NBA Golden State Warriors NBA Court Rug is made from nylon and has a non-skid recycled backing. This is a safety feature to create a safe space for kids as they try to mimic their favorite basketball stars.

The mat is about 30″ x 54″. In this area is the pictorial overview of the Golden State Warrior’s basketball court. It has serged edges that create a clean edge and make it stronger.

The chromo jet is printed in true colors of the Golden State Warriors. This way, you can have a courtside experience every time you watch them play.

The FANMATS NBA Golden State Warriors NBA Court Rug has a woven natural fiber backing for added durability. Also, they help keep the rug lying flat. Therefore, it does not shift even when placed on carpeted floors.

The color palette used is impressive. This mat can create a good contrast and, at the same time, it blends easily with the furniture around. It is also easy to wash since it is machine washable.

One thing that you might not like about the rug is that it is not ideal for outdoor uses. Therefore, do not expect to use it during your barbeques or any outdoor activity.


  • Vibrant official Golden State Warrior’s colors
  • Has a non-skid recycled backing
  • The rug is machine washable
  • Serged edges keep it solid and durable


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

5. Basketball Team Star Personality Image Carpet

Step into the court with your favorite stars through the Basketball Team Star Personality Image carpet. This rug shows a 3D image of some of the world’s best basketballers. Having one of these around makes you feel part of the success story.

The rug has all the qualities you are looking for. It is soft, durable, and not to mention it is environmentally friendly.


The Basketball Team Star Personality Image carpet comes in different sizes, and this gives you the option to choose one that perfectly fits the intended area. Some of the available designs are full-frame print and single-sided print.

The mat is a high-density elastic cotton interlayer that easily absorbs water and does not ball or fade. It has a soft touch and the cotton used has a delicate fluff. There is a middle interlayer that is a high-density memory fabric. This layer effectively relieves foot pressure.

At the bottom of the Basketball Team Star Personality Image carpet, you’ll find a non-woven fabric and a dot plastic bottom. These two features make the mat non-slip and durable. Apart from enhancing safety around the home, the non-slip ability protects your floor from scratches.

You’ll spend less effort when cleaning this product since it is machine washable. The carpet is of high quality, and there is no need to worry about it fading because it won’t. Since its made of cotton, it is not recommended to wash it using hot water. However, it is easy to clean and fold up pretty small, allowing it to fit in most washers.

The graphics and the 3D effect on the carpet are astonishing. It gives the room a relaxed vibe and makes it look fun to stay in. This is one gift idea to consider getting for someone who has a man cave or even your kids.

As we have mentioned above, there is an elastic cotton layer that absorbs water. However, this can be disadvantageous as it might take a while to dry if it absorbs a lot of water.

Also, this feature can lead to slow drying after washing. If not checked regularly, its absorbent abilities and slow drying can contribute to mold growth.


  • Soft to touch and has a delicate fluff
  • Does not fade
  • The mat does not shed and protects the floor from scratches
  • Washable


  • It is absorbent and this can trigger mold growth if not dried regularly

Final Verdict

Getting yourself a quality and vibrant rug is one of the ways to transform your space into a stylish and classy one. Above are some of the best options to consider during your search for the perfect carpet. These products are of high quality and serve their purpose.

They are all good gifts that you should consider the next time you attend a housewarming event. Also, feel free to gift your family and friends. Order one of these for your home to begin the transformation.