how to build a man cave bar

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The modern man craves nothing more than a man cave, that special place that is his alone for unwinding. You can now step up your man cave game by adding a man cave bar. Imagine the possibilities as you mix your perfect drink in your ideal man cave.

How to Build a Man Cave Bar

The first thing you need to do is decide the kind of bar you want in your man cave. Depending on your budget, skills, and tools, there is an excellent selection of bars to choose from. Here are the types of bars you can consider:

DIY Bar that has a foot rail feature

This is an incredible option if you have some carpentry experience. It will set you back around $450, and you should be able to complete the entire bar within two days. For full instructions and tutorials, click HERE.

A spacious and durable bar that is L-shaped

This bar style is perfect for anyone who wants a more extensive bar with lots of storage options. This project can be done very cheaply or more costly, depending on your preferred materials. Here’s how you do it.

An oak bar that screams style

If you want to blow your guests away with your stylish skills, this is a bar that will amaze everyone who walks into your man cave. Although it is a much more expensive project than the two mentioned above, the beauty and timeless elegance will make up for that. So start building your own oak bar today.

Peninsula-style bar

Peninsulas don’t just look good in the kitchen. In fact, they offer great benefits as a man cave bar because of their open plan and excellent storage capabilities. Here is how you build your own peninsula-style man cave bar.

Garage-style bar

If you have your man cave set up in your garage, you might want to consider this bar. It is curved, so it fills the space of your garage very nicely and provides you with sufficient space to prepare and enjoy your drinks. In addition, you can easily add your own touches by choosing unique countertops and adding lights that run under the bar.

The Bar is Only Half the Battle Won

Once you have finished your bar, there are steps you can take to make your man cave bar stand out even more. A phenomenal man cave bar offers more than just the physical bar. Instead, it is an experience like no other. So if you have a great bar in your man cave, keep these steps in mind to make your man cave rise to the alpha-male level.

Décor and ambiance

These two words aren’t generally associated with man caves, but they should be. The interior design of your man cave has a significant influence on the vibe in the space. Therefore, bring in your own unique style with vinyl records, car wheels, or caps. Any elements that add a touch of charm and personality will help give your bar an exclusive feeling.

Take on construction projects to boost your man cave’s appeal yourself

By getting involved with any construction projects within your man cave, you will significantly decrease the costs. In addition, you will gain handyman experience and bragging rights upon completion.

male carpenter working cutting wood

Keep your bar counter decluttered

If you have mates over and your bar is overloaded with bottles and ashtrays, it will not be a very comfortable experience. If you feel that your bar offers you insufficient storage space, consider adding some floating shelves to the wall behind the bar. This can be a terrific way to display any unusual beverages that you might have.

Choose the right chairs

A man cave bar isn’t half as appealing if you can’t enjoy it. Therefore, it is vital that you choose bar chairs that are the right height and offer incredible comfort. The average height of bar stools is between 24 and 30 inches.

Tap towers can make or break a man cave bar

If you have spent more than you would have liked to get your bar built, you might be tempted to go for low-quality and cheap tap towers. This will be a mistake since tap towers are such a significant part of a man cave bar. If you plan to make your bar a beer bar, you need to invest in high-quality beer towers.

They will consist of pipes, a beer keg, and a dispenser. It is common for the dispenser to be installed on the bar surface, so keep that in mind when planning your bar’s layout. There is a wide selection of tap towers available today, and they differ in the following ways:

  • How they are cooled: air vs. glycol
  • Shape
  • Number of columns that they have
  • Placement of the taps
  • Material

Look at various options to find the tap tower that is perfect for your man cave bar.


Having your own space to kick your feet up and have a drink after a long day at the office is a gift. Now you can increase the joy your man cave gives you even further by adding a bar to your space. Embrace your unique style and make the room entirely yours by adding memorabilia that is special to you. By making the room unique and comfortable, you won’t be able to wait when the time comes to have a drink at night.