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how to decorate a man cave on a budget

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The truth is that every human needs their own space. So it’s not surprising that many guys across the globe look to build themselves a man cave.

Though they may have grand ideas of what the interior of this area looks like it’s inevitable that there will be some that have to deal with a bit of a budget. But don’t worry fellas, there is a way to decorate your man cave even if you’re working with a tight budget.

In this article, we’re going to walk through some steps and give you some tips on how you can decorate your man cave on a budget. When we’re done we are sure that you will be very happy with the results!

Steps to Making Your Man Cave

When it comes to beginning the process of decorating your man cave it’s very simple. It comes down to the space you have and what you need to feel relaxed in your own environment. This means you don’t want to just randomly recreate generic bars that you’ve been in or other man caves you’ve relaxed in.

You really want to choose an interior decorating style for your man cave that really makes you comfortable and tells others who exactly you are. In order to do this, there are a couple of steps you should take as you’re beginning the decorating process.

Find a Good Spot

When you’re beginning the process of setting up your man cave you want to find the perfect space. This place needs to be somewhere you feel comfortable and offers you a ton of privacy. By the time you get to the decorating portion, this step will have already been done but we wanted to make sure it was stressed that it is important to find a good spot for you to build out your man cave.


After finding a spot has been done, the decorating process begins. In order to make sure you are able to find the right pieces that fit within your budget, you should go into decorating with a few clear ideas especially when it comes to the theme of your man cave. The best way to choose this theme is to really think about what you’re passionate about and what interests you and utilize that as a catalyst to decorate your man cave.

Small Touches

When you’re dealing with a tight budget you want to find a few pieces that really speak to your theme. These may be more expensive than the rest of the decorations and furniture that go into your man cave, but they will be key in relaying who you are. So having one or two pieces that are small touches but pricier than the rest of the decorations in the room will be a great choice.

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Paint Those Walls

One of the most budget-friendly options for decorating your man cave is to add a new paint coat to the walls of the room. While doing this you can choose to paint just one wall as an accent wall or go the whole route and paint the entire room one color. The trick is to make sure that the colors you choose work with not only your theme but the rest of the decoration pieces so that there is cohesiveness to your man cave.


The best way to really decorate on a budget is to look for pieces of furniture that you can repurpose. Maybe these are pieces from other rooms in your house or even friends’ houses. Or perhaps you head out to the thrift store and buy some cheap pieces of furniture.

Some of these pieces might include side tables and bookcases. Depending on the state of these pieces of furniture you can then give them a new paint job or even distress them a bit to give them an aged look depending on the theme of your man cave.

Tips on Finding Budget Furniture & Decorating on a Budget

By far the most expensive part of decorating a man cave is going to be the furniture. These are large pieces that when bought brand new can cost hundreds of dollars. However, there are a lot of great places where you can find budget furniture to keep the price of setting up your man cave to a minimum.

The truth is you may not even have to go to someplace that deals with budget furniture. There are many tips and tricks you can also use to find budget furniture and decorate your man cave on a budget anywhere you choose to shop.

Here are some tips on finding budget furniture as well as decorating your man cave on a budget:

You can look around your house as we said and try to repurpose old furniture. You can even get a little creative and take things that aren’t technically furniture and repurpose them into furniture pieces.

If you have a junkyard near you or even have an old car sitting around you can actually repurpose the car seats as gaming chairs within your man cave.

Instead of shopping in those big chain stores try looking at your local shops. You might find furniture pieces that are more unique with a cheaper price tag.

If you do want to go to those big chain stores you may want to ask about display items. Oftentimes companies will discount display items because they have been out and touched by tons of people.

Charity shops or garage sales are always great places to find budget-friendly furniture pieces as well as a unique decoration for the walls.

If you’re really looking to maintain your budget when decorating your man cave, another great tip is to make sure when you are looking at these places that you try to avoid brand names. By choosing a name that is a little less known you may find that the price tags are significantly smaller.

Another great idea when it comes to decorating a man cave on a budget is to look for pieces of furniture and decor that can be used in multiple different ways. By choosing items that have multi-purposes you’ll be able to not only save space but also money.

Another great way to really watch your budget is to maximize the space. This may mean finding pieces of furniture that can be compressed into a smaller form or even being cautious when creating the layout of how the furniture will be set. This will make it so that you don’t buy excess pieces and spend money that you’re trying not to spend.

Where Not to Cut Corners

Though we completely understand trying to decorate your man cave on a budget, there are certain areas you cannot really afford to cut costs. These are areas where cutting costs could be potentially dangerous.

Though they are not directly related to decorating it’s important to understand that when you’re setting up your electricity, HVAC system, or water system you really want to get the best quality work and that sometimes might cost a little.

Final Thoughts

Creating a space of your own can be a vital part of managing your stress and anxiety. But when you’re doing this there’s no reason for you to create more stress and anxiety for yourself by trying to decorate it in a fashion that will break the bank. There are plenty of great places to find budget decorations so that you can ensure your man cave is perfect for you.