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How to Set up Multiple Tvs in Man Cave

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Watching TV is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. It can also be a social activity when you invite your family or friends over, and if you have a man cave, a TV is a critical component. This article will go through the steps to help you set up multiple TVs in your very own ‘man cave.’

The first thing to do is figure out the layout of your space and determine how many TVs you want in it. You might need a lot of cable connections to set up multiple TVs, but if you have the funds, there are plenty of wireless options for you to choose from. From advanced settings with HDMI cables and inputs for each TV to affordable coaxial connections that offer only basic video input, there are several ways for you to set up multiple TVs in your man cave.

What Is a Man Cave?

A man cave is a designated room in a house primarily used by the men of the family. It can be used as a casual hangout space for the guys to watch TV, play video games, or do whatever they please without worrying about domestic interruptions from family. It’s a room designed by men, for men, and functions as a retreat from compromise; it is a safe space to escape domestic life and work.

Reasons for Setting up Multiple TVs

It might be that you want to play games while watching TV. Or you want a virtual fish tank running on one screen while you binge on Netflix on another. Perhaps you want to play some old-school multiplayer with several friends and you want a screen each – there are many legitimate reasons to have multiple TVs in your man cave, and it doesn’t have to be complicated to set them up.

Considerations for Choosing the Right TV

So you have an idea of what you want to do, but now what? You will need to figure out which TVs are the best for your space. Different TVs have different sizes; some are curved while some are flat, some have better resolution options than others, etc. It’s important to consider all of these factors when choosing the right TV for your man cave.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations for purchasing TVs:


TVs are becoming cheaper every year, and with less than $1,000, you can now buy some pretty top-of-the-range gear. But you’re looking for multiple TVs for potentially different purposes, so it might not always be sensible to splurge. Pick them smartly and you’ll be able to fill every niche in your cave.


Obviously, your primary TV will want to be the largest. This is the one you’ll use for watching the Alien trilogy, so it needs to have that cinematic impact. For your other screens, you’re going to have to make sure there’s space. Don’t get lured in by massive TVs that will be cumbersome to move (if you’re going to be moving them) or won’t fit on the wall.


The two options will determine the cost of the TV, and your requirements might vary depending on which TV you’re buying. For your main screen, OLED is going to be the better option. For the others, a good quality LED screen might be plenty. The main difference is obvious in the blacks. With LED TVs, the screen has a backlight.

That light bleeds into pixels even when they’re not needed, resulting in dark colors coming out a little milky and grey. OLED TVs aren’t backlit, so blacks are blacker! This makes more of a difference to picture quality than you might think. Both screens will work well in low-light rooms, but OLED has a lead on contrast and picture quality.

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Viewing Angles

Both OLED and LED TVs have very thin profiles, but some of the lower-end LED TVs will have issues when viewed from an angle. OLED doesn’t have this problem, so again, it’s the better choice for your main screen. For smaller gaming side-screens, you might be happy to go with LED.


4K is four times the resolution of the standard HD screen. A good 4K tv will even add pixel density to HD content to make it a higher resolution. Gaming is also spectacular in 4K, but this extra resolution comes at a higher price.
Regular HD is fine on smaller screens and significantly cheaper.

Now you’re ready to plan your room set up with all these factors in mind.

Common Setups for Multiple TVs

Linking two TVs together allows for two screens on the same cable box. This is useful if you want them both to play the same picture but might not be ideal if you want multiple concurrent inputs across different screens.

Here’s what you need to consider.

Wired TV Installation

One of the most common setups for multiple TVs is to use a wired installation. This type of setup is ideal for people looking for a simple, low-cost solution that doesn’t require running cables through your wall.

The way it works is that you plug one TV into the wall outlet and then run long coaxial cables to your other TVs. You then connect each TV to an input on the first TV using either HDMI or component cables (if you have an older HDTV). This option is great if you want to use the same input for all your TVs, but be sure to keep in mind that there’s only one input available per TV.

An HDMI splitter will allow you to run HDMI cables from one video source (cable box, DVD player) into two or more displays with an output on each display. It splits one input into two or more outputs without any signal degradation, which is great for high-quality video sources like Blu-ray players or gaming consoles that support 1080p resolution.

Wireless TV Installation

It’s possible to set up your TV without the need for any wires. The wireless installation makes it easier to rearrange the space as needed and reduces the risk of children or pets tripping over cables. There are many different wireless connections that vary in price depending on what you want.

Many modern TVs are wireless compatible to be hooked up to input sources wirelessly. Laptops can cast effortlessly to wireless-capable TVs, and there are now numerous dongles and wireless solutions available with simple setup instructions included.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hosting a big game party, watching movies with the boys, or just want to enjoy your favorite show in the comfort of your inner sanctum, it’s essential to have the correct TV setup in your man cave for every event.

A versatile man cave has multiple screens for every entertainment need, and with TV prices continually dropping, it’s cheaper than ever to have high-quality movies and games fed, cast, or streamed into your man cave.

Using opposing walls, wireless connections, and top-quality 4k resolutions, a modern man cave is a masterpiece of art and design. A man cave is a space of no compromise – and your choice of TVs should be no exception.