JVC DLA-NX5 Product Review

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JVC’s DLA-Nx5 delivers as a reasonably priced home theater projector that can deliver the upgrade many people are looking for in their man cave or home theater to a full-fledged immersive movie experience. 

Like many home movie enthusiasts, you might have waited for years for a reasonably priced 4K projector made by JVC.

After their introduction in 2018, these projectors are now more affordable than ever. So, is it finally time to consider going all out and investing in a JVC DLA-Nx5 projector?

Why Buy A Projector Instead of A TV?

Many people are opting for larger flat screens, which are also dropping in price. So, why bother with a projector? For those without a dedicated home theater, a flatscreen might be acceptable, but let’s take a closer look at why you might want to splurge on a projector instead.

What A Television Can't Do

Even some of the top-rated flat screens on the market can’t compete with the experience of watching a movie at home on a huge wall-sized screen. The JVC DLA-Nx5 is a great alternative to watching a movie in the theater.

Once you add a surround sound system, you might be tempted to never visit a movie theater again. Movie theater projection quality and the comfort of home: win-win.

Things to Consider

Remember, if you are interested in a 4k projector like the JVC DLA-Nx5, you will need additional items, like:

  • Painted wall to serve as the screen or buy a fixed frame screen.
  • Invest in an adequate immersive audio system.
  • Occasionally, you will need to replace the expensive lamp.

While there’s always the risk that advancements in technology may make your projector somewhat obsolete, the JVC DLA-Nx5 is a solid choice that isn’t likely to go away any day soon.


The JVC DLA-Nx5 4K Projector

The JVC DLA-Nx5, also known as the DLA-RS1000, is the most affordable of the lineup from JVC. The more expensive Nx7 and Nx9 models have some improved deluxe features that will catch your eye, but the Nx5 is not lacking.

Since their debut in 2010, the JVC lineup of projectors have gone from 1080p resolution to the coveted native 4K resolution. As JVC projectors, these have some of the best image quality available in projectors. Once the price of a mid-sized sedan, now we can finally afford 4K projectors that will create astonishing pictures with high contrast and black tones.

Compared to the Sony VPL-VW295ES, the JVC DLA-Nx5 has more brightness at 1,800 lumens versus 1,500 lumens. As a JVC model, there is a high contrast ratio and black level. Translation: the picture will pop and look sharp, though the lighting in the room will affect the quality.

Best Features

Although the list of cons may look a bit long, the value of having a true 4K giant screen at home can outweigh the potential drawbacks. The most critical feature of any projector will no doubt be the picture quality and the Nx5 has that.

Combined with high contrast and black tones, the JVC DLA-Nx5 features motion technology called Clear Motion Drive to prevent motion blur.

New for 2019, JVC released a firmware update called Frame Adapt HDR that optimizes the picture automatically and adjusts the tone mapping of the image on a frame-by-frame basis.

Lens Setting Memory and Installation Mode

The all-glass lens projects a sharp picture with high resolution, brightness, and vibrant colors. Another great feature of this model is the ability to toggle between lens settings, depending on your screen size. You can change the size of your screen aspect ratios like 2.35:1 simply and easily.

Reviews From The Web

Testimonials from around the web look great for the JVC projectors. Here are a few of them to consider.

This reviewer points out the same pros and cons I mentioned. Notably, you will need a dedicated space to keep the room dark. He compliments the black levels, a known strong point for JVC projectors. Also, a key feature is the lens setting memory.

“Awesome projector if you have a light treated room or a bat cave. It wouldn’t be my first pick if I was setting up a living room projector but in my dedicated theater its phenomenal. I can definitely see a difference between the clarity on this and a couple of the 4K pixel shifter projectors out there like the Epson 5040, though you pay a price for this difference as the Epson is a couple thousand less”

Other reviwers are pleased, but also note you need a sturdy mount for the bulky projector.

“Purchased it as a part of my mid-life crises home theater. Absolutely zero regrets.”

“I absolutely love this projector. If you have it in a light controlled room, you’re going to be amazed by the picture it puts out. True 4K, no eshifting, it’s pretty quiet also. Buy a solid mount though as it’s pretty heavy.”


The Competition

Sony VPL-VW295ES

The closest competitor is the Sony VPL-VW295ES, although the JVC may be more affordable. One area where you might prefer Sony is if you plan to use your projector for video gaming. Why? The Sony VPL-VW295ES has a superior input lag time of 27-40ms. Eliminating lag is essential for smooth game playing. However, as I noted before, the JVC is brighter with 1,800 lumens versus 1,500 in the Sony model. On the other hand, Sony is capable of projecting IMAX visuals, so picture quality is incredible.

BenQ HT9050 Projector

If you can do without 3D images or true 4K native resolution, and automatic lens memory, then the BenQ HT9050 Projector offers a more affordable alternative. A bonus is the LED light source won’t need replacing and is expected to run for 20,000 hours. This project may not have the picture quality or contrast of the Sony or JVC, but overall still delivers a beautiful picture.

Epson 5050UB

More affordable still, the Epson 5050UB offers 4K image quality and HDR processing, but again, it’s not native 4K. It features a 1080p chip that can simulate true 4K resolution through pixel-shifting technology. On the plus side, the brightness easily competes with more expensive models at 2,600 lumens. However, the screen size is limited to 120 inches when the unit is 12 feet away. Another plus is the Epson is not as heavy.

Which Projector is for You?

To pick the best projector, ask yourself if you want to spend a bit more for native 4K resolution and 3D imaging. While all the models will provide great pictures, the JVC might give you the best quality. You can still get a great picture on a large screen for a more affordable price.