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A unique bottle opener is an excellent addition to any space where drinks are popped and served. This includes a man cave. However, these convenient gadgets should do more than be merely functional. With the right bottle opener, you can add an interesting piece of decor to your man cave wall, improve the aesthetics of your space, and minimize littering by ensuring all the caps are collected.

Here are five bottle openers with cap catchers that will add a taste of vintage and a rustic look that will get the boys talking when they see them. 

Man Cave Bottle Opener Reviews

1. Wall Mounted Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

It is about time you put down your kitschy conventional bottle opener keychain and embrace something that can double as home decor. Suppose you have wasted time trying to locate your bottle opener that suddenly went missing. In that case, you will appreciate having a wall-mounted opener installed in your basement, kitchen, garage, or other location from where you usually have your beer.

A good bottle opener quickly removes a cap, but this magnetic bottle opener will also catch the bottle cap before it falls to the floor. Therefore, you will love this wall-mounted bottle opener. Set yourself up for convenient drinking by screwing the base onto your wall. With it, you are guaranteed extra convenience with a single-handed bottle opener and a magnet to let you attach it to your fridge. 


This wall-mounted bottle opener ensures you no longer have to worry about messing up your floors with scattered bottle caps. Instead, it is a novelty gift for beer fans and those otherwise tasked with picking up littered bottle tops. The magnet is super strong, allowing the opener setup to handle a maximum of 30 caps. 

Mounting this device is made possible through a magnet that lets it attach to metal surfaces and your fridge. You can also utilize the provided screws to mount it in any other desired location. After mounting, only a single hand will be necessary to quickly uncap the beer bottle and let you delight in your soda or beer. 

You can give your man cave a touch of the opener’s aesthetic rustic color with this top-notch special gift. It can also fit on your patio, kitchen fridge, cabin, or home bar to add style to the place. In addition, it is a necessary bar accessory ideal for your best friend, adult family members, or brother.  

If you have been searching for gift ideas for a man who seems to have everything, you won’t go wrong with this beer opener for their office or home rest place. It is ideal as a housewarming, groomsman, secret Santa, anniversary, valentine’s, or birthday gift. 

You are guaranteed satisfaction with this wall-mounted bottle opener. However, suppose the device does not meet your expectations. In that case, you can consult the retailer for advice on proper usage techniques or installation to ensure you reap maximum benefits. 


  • Hassle-free beer bottle cap opening
  • It can be a unique gift for men
  • You can use it instantly
  • Complements all decor


  • A rather small size
  • Wrong installation/usage may lead to frustration 

2. ZGZD Wooden Bottle Opener Wall Mounted

Do you want a bottle opener that can easily open even with a single hand? Then ZGZD has you covered. With it, you can quickly and easily remove caps from your beer bottle with just one hand. Furthermore, the caps are collected neatly in the string bag found towards the bottom after opening. The bottle opener also features impressive accessories. With it, you also do not have to worry about rusting metallic components as it is rust-proof. 


The ZGZD bottle opener is ideal for your man cave, kitchen, pub, bar, patio, or cabin. It will act as an excellent gift for beer lovers and men at large for birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarming parties. With the ability to mount it on walls or any preferred locations, you are allowed easy access and thus convenience using the bottle opener. You can now fit it wherever your festivities or celebrations take you without worrying about compatibility. In addition, you will no longer be required to search your pockets for an opener when you have one already hung and ready for use.  

The bottle opener also has a wooden construction making it the perfect option for homeowners, restaurants, beer enthusiasts, and bars. It also has a cast iron construction making the opener a necessity for any bar or home. Invest in this piece of equipment and easily open your beer single-handedly, without creating any mess, by leveraging the bottle cap against the cast iron opener. Furthermore, the caps collect neatly after opening at the bottom of the accompanying bucket.

The bottle opener is constructed with distressed wood with a cap catcher made of cast iron, making your life even easier. The opener’s base is lightweight, long-lasting, easy-to-dry, and corrosion-resistant pine wood. 

The cast iron design makes it durable and hard to avoid easy deformation. Installation of the product is easy, and you can have it done in your desired location on your porch, outside deck, poolside, garage, on your beer cooler, or any other preferred area. 


  • You can use it without hanging
  • Installation is easy
  • It is simple to use
  • Avoids bottle cap littering


  • Lacks screw holes
  • It may cause dents on the bottle cap

3. Engraved Wooden Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

You can set the tone for your guests or visitors with your bar and home décor. Such décor also serves as excellent conversation pieces. The Engraved Wooden Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener is one such piece of equipment. It features a bar theme and vintage style and comes as a wall-mounted bottle opener with a cap catcher provision. A fantastic aspect of this engraved beer bottle opener is that you can customize it. 

Simply enter the text you want to appear on the provided field, which can be customized to fit your requirements. Then, you get a cool, wooden, distressed opener for your bottles. Picture how excited your family and friends will get once they receive a customized gift with an engraving that speaks to them directly. 


Are you tired of waiting for the opener to pass around everyone to get the party started? With this wall-mounted bottle opener, you can open yours and that of your company efficiently, quickly, and conveniently. It is suitable for both imported and domestic beer. Moreover, with a wide array of cool beer bottle opener designs to pick from, you are guaranteed a unique addition to your man cave. The aesthetic pub-style customized wall-mounted bottle opener is ideal for houses and bars. 

The wall-mounted bottle opener is available in dark or premium light wood with solid magnets to capture and hold bottle caps. In addition, the included mounting screws make installation easier. 

This definitive bottle opener and cap catcher is ideal for your home bar. It offers a variety of images to pick from and thus guarantees you get one fitting your style and taste. Also included are three lines of personalized text. The opener has holes for keyhole mounting towards the back and bottom vent holes. You also don’t need to make separate purchases as the cap catcher and bottle opener come as one package.

Thanks to the opener’s durability, you are guaranteed that the engraved message or brand marketing lasts longer. The metal and wood construction adds to the bottle opener’s durability. In addition, the extended imprint section of the opener can bear customized shapes or embossed prints. Finally, the base is sufficiently broad to accommodate logos and brand names, making it perfect for business advertisements. 

With the aesthetic design, it can be proudly displayed in restaurants and bars, making for outstanding wall décor. Brand awareness can also significantly increase by displaying it in an open section. Additionally, you can capitalize on major festivities or events by embracing a design that resonates with the prevailing event, celebration, or people’s culture. For example, beer demand is significantly heightened over holidays and festivities, making this an excellent addition to your space.


  • Features robust magnets
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Superb build quality and sturdy construction
  • Mounting screws available with the package


  • Small design
  • Requires a slow pop to catch the cap

4. Thirsty Solutions Bottle Opener and Catcher

Thirsty Solutions focuses on providing mobile food and drink vending equipment worldwide. This rustic bottle opener is one of their prime creations that uplifts the ambiance of your place and adds a touch of exquisite decoration to your man cave. This bottle opener can be set up in multiple spots, including your kitchen, garage, basement, man cave, or patio. Read on for more on the unique features this product has to offer.  


You will love the sturdy structure of this bottle opener. Its wooden body not only looks good on your wall but is also made of durable wood, meaning you will enjoy this piece of art for years to come. Additionally, it can be a great addition to your summer cottage or kitchen thanks to the dark stained pine wood, which gives it that incredible look. The words “Beer O’Clock” are also engraved on the wooden plaque, which can be a conversation starter or an interesting catchphrase for your friends to laugh about. 

Other than this product being wall art, it has various functions. First, it has a standard bottle opener that you, your family, and friends can use whenever they want to open their 12-ounce or smaller bottles. Secondly, this piece has a bottle cap catcher. This means that cleaning up after a night of partying is easy. Thanks to the removable bucket, you can easily dispose of the bottle caps. 

Installing this bottle opener in your home will not take long. Just read the user manual and follow the outlined steps. Moreover, it is lightweight, so it’s easily portable and can be set up in many places. You can install it on your kitchen, garage, or basement wall in just a few minutes. 

If you’ve been thinking of what to gift your loved one, think no further than this product. Its fantastic design makes it giftable, meaning you can gift it to someone special so they can make this piece part of their man cave or kitchen art. 

On the downside, some users have complained that the product did not have screws for hanging this piece of equipment. 


  • Sturdy build
  • It comes with a cap catcher
  • Easy to install
  • Amazing design


  • Lacks mounting screws

5. American Art Décor Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle Opener

American Art Décor specializes in home décor accessories and wall art to modernize your home. The company offers canvas wall art, baskets, crates, desk organizers, floor mats, LED signs, and tabletop décor. The Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle Opener is an excellent product by this company. Here are the features of this superb bottle opener with a cap catcher. 


This bottle opener features four main qualities:

  • It’s practical in terms of design and aesthetics
  • It has a vintage appeal
  • It’s lightweight for easy transportation
  • The unit is easy to install and durable

After your guests have opened their bottles, they will need a place to dispose of the bottle caps. The good thing about this bottle opener is that it comes with a cap catcher. Therefore, there is an easy clean-up of the bottle caps after a night of partying. 

Another great thing about this product is that it creates a vintage appeal. The antique signs and the Coca-Cola logo create an inviting appeal that makes your visitors feel at home. In short, this product will create an old fashion vibe in your home. 

Moreover, this product can be a great addition to your man cave. The Coca-Cola brand has been around for a while, and having this wall art as part of your man cave art can bring back memories created by sharing a bottle of Coke. 

Other than this product being wall art, it offers excellent functionality. It comes with a functional bottle opener that lets you open your favorite bottle of drink, whether a cold beer or a bottle of Coke. 

Moreover, it is easy to hang this bottle opener and cap catcher, thanks to the two keyhole slots outfitted on the back. In addition, it is easy to ship this product because of its compact size and low weight. The sturdy body makes it durable enough to resist the rigors of travel. So, you can rest assured buying this product will provide you with excellent wall art that looks good on your home and still has the convenient utility of opening your bottle cap.


  • Comes with a bottle cap catcher
  • Creates a vintage appeal
  • A great addition to your man cave
  • Practical bottle opener


  • The red color may appear too bright for a dark or neutral-themed man cave. 


All the bottle openers reviewed in this article come with cap catchers and are small enough to fit in small spaces. Moreover, they have elegant designs that complement the decor in your place. The only thing left is for you to choose one that best fits your man cave theme. So get one and pop those bottles. Cheers!