Best Man Cave Ceiling Fan

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The perfect man cave isn’t complete without a ceiling fan. Overhead lighting and moving air make a room really come together. Combing through manufacturer’s websites can be tricky though, especially when they don’t always tell you all the pros and cons of purchasing a particular item. And when it comes to ceiling fans, you definitely don’t want to purchase the wrong one.

We’ve put together a review and comparison of the best ceiling fans for your man cave, completely with all of the pros and cons of each item. Let’s dive in to see which of these ceiling fans are the best for your man cave to keep air circulating, the room cool, and you happy!

Man Cave Ceiling Fan Reviews

Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse

This classic, modern ceiling fan has three blades and a single, wide light in the middle. You can control both the speed of the blades as well as the light with the two metal strings that are attached. It’s suitable for a small room such as a man cave. It comes in several different finishes so you can customize it to your liking.


The Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse ceiling fan comes with three reversible blades in two different finishes. The blades can come in either rough pine or rich maple. Both of these finishes give the fan a completely different look and feel. The color of the metal around the light and the blades come in a bronze color.

The fan is 42 inches wide and 13.7 inches tall. It comes with a two-position dual mount so that you can have the ceiling fan on both a flat and slanted or angled ceiling. The motor in the fan has three different, reversible speeds, with a quiet motor that won’t disrupt any man cave activities, like watching your favorite sports game. The light on the fan is lightly frosted and takes two E26 / B11 bulbs. The bulbs are included and it is compatible with light dimmers from 20% to 100%.

While the fan comes with two different blade choices, the fan itself only comes in one particular style. There are no other styles offered with different numbers of blades or a different light. The light cover may also make it difficult to change the light bulbs when needed.

Some customers have reported that the fan is easy to install but that there is a wobble when the fan is on, and the balancing kit doesn’t do so much to help. Others have reported warped blades. All in all, the Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse ceiling fan is available on Prime, with free returns.


  • Two different finishes
  • Dimmer lights to set to your preferences
  • Quiet motor for use any time of day
  • Duel position mount


  • Wobbles when turned on
  • Possible warped blades

Retro Industrial Ceiling Fan

This Retro Industrial Ceiling Fan is such a unique find. The fan has five blades surrounding a center of five lights that are covered by a wire cage. It gives an industrial or steam-punk type feeling to the whole light. It’s perfect for a man cave and highlights the uniqueness of the interior design. While it might not fit everyone’s aesthetic, it’s certainly a centerpiece.


The Retro Industrial Ceiling fan comes with three different options. One comes with the standard five bulbs and cage. The other style comes with two bulbs and a longer cage, as the bulbs extend downward. And the last style comes with six bulbs and two cages, with the blades sandwiched between the cages.

The Retro Industrial ceiling fan comes with a three-speed motor that allows you to operate the fan at several different speeds for optimal airflow. Rather than using chains to pull and change the fan speed, this fan comes with a remote control that will allow you to operate it from any part of the room. The five blades on the fan are reversible. The fan is 42 inches wide and 19.6 inches long.

The copper motor is quiet and durable, so you won’t hear your fan over any other activities in your man cave. The fan uses five E27 bulbs. However, this particular fan does not come with the bulbs included, so you’ll have to have them on at the ready when it arrives. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Retro Industrial, as well as a one-year warranty.

The blade material is made out of wood and the cage around the lights comes in four different colors: crystal, metal, wood, and iron. Customers have reported that the fan comes with hard-to-understand instructions, which makes putting it together at home a bit of a hassle. Others have also noted that it takes a while for the fan to arrive, regardless of shipping time.

All in all, the cost of the retro industrial fan is a bit on the higher end.


  • Reversible fan
  • Unique design looks great
  • Remote control for convenient use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Hard to understand instructions
  • Long shipping times
  • Higher price point

Hunter Fan Company 52298 Discovery Ceiling Fan

Another interesting and unique ceiling fan, the Discovery Ceiling Fan from Hunter Fan Company looks like Earth spinning through space. The light shade is painted to look like planet Earth, while the five ceiling fan blades have beautiful galaxies and stars painted all over them. While this might not be everyone’s aesthetic for their man cave, it certainly is unique, and almost like a work of art itself.


The Discovery Ceiling Fan comes with a reversible motor that allows you to change the direction of the air, from updraft to downdraft. The mounting system is a three-mount system so that the fan can be installed at a standard height, low height, or angled height. The fan has pull chains to adjust both the speed of the fan as well as the lights.

The width of the Discovery Ceiling Fan is 48 inches and the length from the ceiling is 17.95 inches. The hanging rod for the fan comes in two different sizes, 2 inches and 1 inch. The lighting is 135 volts and 37 watts, and takes an LED bulb. Customers have reported that the light is “just enough”— not too bright and not too dim.

The blade holders are made of plastic, however, which means that the fan might not be as durable as some of the others on the market with metal blade holders. Customers have also reported that the speed of the fan really only works at medium or high. Low speed causes the blades of the fan to churn too slowly for the air to be felt.

The Discovery Ceiling Fan can be bought for $169.99 on Amazon, which is a slightly higher price point, but might be worth it for the unique design on the fan.


  • Unique design suits most rooms
  • Three mount system
  • Reversible blades
  • LED lights are bright without causing strain


  • Plastic blade holders
  • Low speed doesn’t work

Industrial Ceiling Fan With Retractable Blades

Now here is another absolutely unique piece of interior design. This particular ceiling fan has both an interesting industrial design, as well as the unique technology of retractable blades. So, if you’re interested in a ceiling fan that can also double as an industrial-looking light, then this is definitely the purchase for you. The five lights are behind a wired, industrial-inspired-looking cage, while the curved ceiling fans can be either out or in.


This industrial ceiling fan comes in four different style options. Three of the styles include the blades and one of them just includes the cage with the bulbs. The first style has five ABS fan blades and the cage with the five lights. The second style comes with only three blades and the same style of lights. The third style comes with four ABS fan blades and three lights without a cage. Finally, the fourth style is just the lights in a different style cage, minus the blades.

The industrial ceiling fan has retractable 42-inch blades. You can set them to automatically retract when the fan is turned off. The blades are clear and acrylic. The fan comes with a remote control rather than a drawstring to operate the fan. The remote allows you to control the speed, the light, as well as whether or not the blades are retracted. The copper motor makes sure that the fan is quiet while operating.

This particular fan has a width of 52 inches and a length from the ceiling of 19.9 inches. It’s a slightly larger fan than the others on this list, but if you have a larger than usual man cave, then it’ll fit perfectly. However, it is something to be aware of if your man cave is in a smaller room or has a low ceiling.

Customers have reported that the fan is difficult to install and that the instructions that come with the fan are not always the exact same fan. Others have reported that the ceiling fan was defective upon arriving and had to contact the manufacturer for replacement parts or a refund.

This particular fan has a slightly higher price point. However, the unique design might make it all worth it.


  • Retractable blades
  • Four styles to choose from
  • Unique style
  • Remote control for convenient use


  • Hard to install
  • Broken parts upon arrival

DLLT Caged Ceiling Fan

Now, if we want to talk about unique design, this is it. The DLLT Caged Ceiling fan operates entirely within a metal mesh and wire cage. It’s such an interesting centerpiece to your man cave that everyone who visits will be talking about it. The fan and lights are both within a mesh cage, with the lights installed around the outside of the cage and the ceiling fan blades on the inside.


The DLLT Caged ceiling fan has a built-in copper motor and helps make the fan as silent as possible without compromising the strength of the blades. The industrial and retro design is such a unique feature. The cage is matte black with a double layer of iron mesh around both the lights as well as the inner ceiling fan blades. The blades have three speeds. Because of the wire mish, the fan has a remote control that requires a 23A battery, which does not come included.

This particular retro and industrial ceiling fan uses four E26 bulbs, which are not included upon purchase. So, keep that in mind so that you can have bulbs ready to go when the fan arrives. As well, keep in mind that this ceiling fan does not support dimmable bulbs or a dimmable switch. The fan comes with eight blades.

This particular fan is the smallest on the list, with a width of 20 inches and a height from the ceiling of 9 inches. It’s perfect for a smaller man cave, or just if you’re looking for a ceiling fan that isn’t as intrusive. Its small size and hidden blades inside the mesh wiring make it look like it’s not even a ceiling fan at all.

Customers have reported that their purchase did not come with instructions, or the instructions were difficult to understand. Some have reported that their instructions were a single page and were a bit unclear, though they were able to still set up the fan fairly easily. Others have reported that their motor did not last very long and they needed a replacement.


  • Remote control for convenient use
  • Unique design
  • Silent motor can be used all-day
  • Small size with hidden blades


  • Hard to follow instructions
  • No battery included


And there you have it: five different ceiling fans that would fit perfectly in your man cave and will not cost an arm and a leg. Each of these fans has a unique design that will bring a touch of personality to the room. However, our favorite is going to have to be the Retro Industrial Ceiling fan. With its different styles and unique design, it’s definitely worth the higher price.