Best Man Cave Coffee Table – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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There are some guys that just need a space of their own, a place where they can do what they deem manly, like gaming or watching sports. This often leads many guys to create a man cave! This room has to be just right, and one of the pivotal pieces of the room has to be the coffee table. There are a lot of great options on the market and below are a few that could be a good option to spruce up any man cave.

Man Cave Coffee Table Reviews

1. Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table

Those looking for a simple oak finish table that is not too intricate and sleek might want to look at the Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table. It is crafted with an industrial style that includes a durable metal frame. The overall design gives gentlemen an open shelves storage display so that it can be easily fit in any place throughout the man cave.

Finished with a durable black metal frame and the Charter Oak finish, this is an engineered wood construction that adds a little bit of style to any guy’s personal space.


There is a lot to be said about this very simple coffee table but no matter how one looks at it, where it shines the most is the value it offers for its reasonable budget-friendly price. When it comes to the features that combine together to give this table that value, the Charter Oak finish and its texture have to be an epic plus. This aspect of the design makes this look realistic though it is an engineered material.

The materials themselves are lightweight, which makes it easy to move from place to place in the man cave. Along with this, the design offers an open show storage space which makes it versatile when it comes to placement. On top of all that, the assembly is not only quick but easy with a one-tool execution.

Even with all that, a few issues have to be addressed before any final decision is made. The image used in the marketing makes this table seem larger than it is. This can be eliminated as an issue by ensuring you look at the dimensions and whether it will work with your space. There is also a chance that when removing the stickers from the wood, you might end up with some left behind if not careful.


  • Price versus value outshines many of the competition
  • Charter Oak finish offers a texture that gives it a more realistic look
  • Assembly is quick and easy to complete
  • Crafted with lightweight material and plenty of shelf space


  • Some have found the coffee table smaller than the picture looks
  • There is some risk of stickers getting stuck to the wood

2. Ashley Aldwin Signature Design Square Coffee Table

Any man cave that is looking for a little rustic style might find this signature design a good fit. The coffee table is available in multiple colors and utilizes a mix of metal wood and faux wood to create its stylish aesthetic. The addition of a pinewood top gives this coffee table a more luxurious style on top of giving it durability. Making sure to provide it with versatility, the designer crafted the design to work in both small and large spaces.


Everything about this table combines to give it a unique aesthetic, and for most, that is the best thing about the coffee table. The table is designed using high-quality materials that, though of mixed origin, combine to give the man that chooses it a stylish and durable table that can stand up to any get together with their bros.

In fact, the small bit of wood that is used in the design gives it a more elevated look than many other tables on the market. It also has several interesting additional design features, such as the lift tray. This table, of course, is easy to assemble and takes just an hour of one person’s labor to be put together completely.

That being said, the table, though pretty amazing, is not perfect. The biggest issue may be that many people have found that the top doesn’t always sit flush with the lift tray when it is in its home position. This is not a universal issue but is important to know. Along with this, almost everyone experiences a strong chemical odor when the box is opened. You can let it air out for a little while to get rid of it, though.


  • Only takes an hour to assemble and can be done by one person
  • Crafted and built with durable material and design
  • The lift tray is a nice addition to the design
  • Wood material looks more luxurious than other similar models


  • Some have found that the top doesn’t sit flush
  • There tends to be a strong chemical odor upon opening

3. Christopher Knight Home Oval Mod Rotating Coffee Table

A nice ottoman-sized round table could be an excellent addition to any man cave. This table is a compact option that men working with limited space could use to add a place to set their beers or beverages when watching their games. The table is designed in a modern style and crafted of wood as well as wood-like materials. Along with this, you can swivel the top to give you a different look.


Sometimes when a guy is setting up their man cave, they want options, which may mean a lightweight, compact coffee table. This model is great for that as it is not only small but weighs very little. This also makes it a great choice for those guys who don’t have much room to play with when it comes to setting up their space, as we said above.

Where this coffee table stands out the most, though, is in its unique swivel design. It is designed to have the ability to be formed into different designs. This can give your space a unique style that changes with your mood or the number of people you have shoved into your man cave. Along with all these great features, there is little to no assembly required after opening the box.

There are some drawbacks, though, that need to be addressed. Though the unit is marketed as crafted in solid wood, it is not wholly accurate. Also, the rotating mechanisms are designed without any form of ratcheting, so you may find that they move a little too easily, which could lead to accidents.


  • The table is designed to be easily moved from place to place
  • Unit is compact, making it great for smaller man caves
  • Designed with swiveling layers for a personalized feel
  • The table does not require much assembly


  • United is not crafted with solid wood
  • The rotating mechanism does not have any form of ratcheting

4. GreenForest Industrial Coffee Table

This man cave coffee table is designed in a circular design with a modern industrial style. It comes with multiple tiers, so you have extra space to store things. The wooden top is finished with laminate and held with a high-quality metal frame. This table is not only waterproof but also heat resistant. A durable wooden top is followed with a 3D mesh second shelf for a durable and stylish option.


The design and materials give this table the ability to handle a capacity of up to 300 pounds. Everything from the material to the design is crafted to make for a durable, cool-looking piece of furniture that can make any man cave stand out. The dimensions of the table are also another factor that makes this coffee table stand out. It is perfect for any size of man cave and can be an addition that matches well with many different styles.

But those are not the only benefits for someone that includes this coffee table in their interior man cave design. The unit can be put together by anyone, even if you are traditionally someone who is not very handy with tools. There is also the added benefit of the top being treated to resist water which means if one of the guy’s buddies refuses to use coasters, there is no chance of water rings being left behind.

Though there is a lot to be said about his table, there are also some issues that could be fixed to improve the overall design. First off, the second shelf is not as durable as many would like. In fact, many feel you should refrain from placing heavy things on it. Also, for those that prefer a real wood finish, they may want to look elsewhere. This table is finished with a wood grain laminate, and that makes it slightly less durable than a wood option.


  • Assembly can be done even without any type of skill with tools
  • The overall dimensions are perfect for many different types and styles of spaces
  • Designed with high-quality materials for improved durability
  • The unit doesn’t leave any water rings when glasses are put on it


  • Some find the bottom shelf to be a bit flimsy
  • Finished with laminate wood, so may find it easy to damage

5. NSdirect Round Coffee Table

The final table offers a rustic and modern look all in one piece of furniture. The unit comes in two different colors and is crafted with a completely wooden build. No metal frame, a simple wooden one finishes out this elegant yet manly table. Crafted with a two-tier design, this unit takes up little room and can be used as ample storage for whatever someone wants to have at hand in their man cave.


Above all, the thing that is the best about investing in this table is the fact that you get a stylish-looking piece of furniture for a budget-friendly price tag. The material used looks like it belongs to a luxury furniture brand and is premium grade giving it an ultra-sturdiness that surpasses many of its competitors. This is why it finds itself on the list of the best man cave coffee tables.

But those are not the only two things that are great about this table. It is also finished with a metal frame that helps protect the wooden parts of the table from scuff marks. The metal itself is also high quality and doesn’t take damage very easily. Though it could be taken as a pro and well as a con, the heavy weight for us seems to be a positive attribute. Because of the table’s heft, it tends to stay in place.

Now that makes it a great piece, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-move table, you may want to look at one of the other options. Along with that, there are a few other issues. The table does take a bit of assembly, and some have found the process quite challenging. Also, the person that chooses this table will need to keep an eye on the screws as they do tend to loosen over time.


  • The price is very budget-friendly for such a stylish table
  • Design and material gives the table extra sturdiness
  • Crafted with a metal frame to help reduce scuffing
  • The coffee table is heavy, which reduces the risk of slipping


  • Some find the assembly to be a bit challenging
  • Many have had the screws loosen after a few weeks

Final Thoughts

For those guys out there that are putting together the ultimate man cave, they will want a good coffee table to round out the look. There are a lot of great options out there and above are just a few of the best man cave coffee tables on the market. Whether you’re a guy looking for a rustic style or a more modern aesthetic, there is a table in the in-depth reviews above for you.