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Best Man Cave Kegerator – Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Whether you are a home brewer or just want to keep enough stock on hand, kegerators are handy appliances for any man cave. But they all come with a wide range of features, making it quite challenging to choose one that will fit all of your needs.

We made a list of some of the best kegerators on the market to make it easier for you. These advanced pieces of equipment are a great choice for a modern man cave or any other bar setup at home.

Below we are going to see how these great kegerators will be perfect for keeping your beverages cool. So keep reading to see our top five recommendations for man cave kegerators and to find out which is best for you, your preferences, and your budget.

Best Man Cave Kegerator Reviews

KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator From EdgeStar

The beer cooler from Edgestar was designed to keep the perfect amount of beer cool and fresh. As such, this is a complete package for a home bar or man cave to keep the beer flowing without it getting warm.


With temperatures going as low as 30 to mid-40 degrees, you’ll never need to settle for warm or stale beer again. 

The solid, durable castors will make it easy to relocate your beer cooler anytime you need to without hassle. It is also strong enough to handle the weight of a full keg and sturdy enough to last many years.

The fact that the CO2 is mounted outside and out of the way at the back makes it safer to use. This also leaves you with more interior space to keep enough beer and other beverages cool inside.

You get a drip tray included with the unit to make it a bit easier to keep it neat and clean without making a mess. It is also designed to be used as a free-standing unit which is perfect for those who need more mobility. 

With an overall sound build, this unit is designed to last for a long time and provide many hours of fun. 

Using this kegerator from Edgestar outdoors is not recommended as it is not really designed for that purpose and might get damaged. We recommend trying one of the SS versions designed for outdoor use instead, though they are slightly more expensive.

This version of the kegerator from Edgestar does not support oversized kegs or those rubber ones from Coors or Miller, which takes away some of the versatility of the kegerator and might cause people to go for a more versatile one instead.


  • Nice and sleek design for better display
  • Easy to set it up and use
  • Strong and durable construction
  • It is also available in stainless steel 


  • Not meant for outdoor use
  • It does not support oversized or rubber kegs

Danby DKC054A 1BSL2DB Kegerator

This free-standing kegerator from Danby is an excellent option for the avid entertainer to turn you into the best party host ever. It also comes with a hassle-free maintenance option, allowing for easy maintenance.


The scratch-resistant top of this kegerator will keep it looking great even after many years of use in any man cave. It also comes with a reversible hinge option, so you can put it on the left or right side for easy access in small spaces.

This Danbyproduct is the ideal indoor appliance with a free-standing design and smooth easy-rolling caster wheels for moving it to any location without problems. It also includes a drip tray so you can have a neat working space even after hours of entertainment.

With the environmentally-safe R600a refrigerant, it is safe to use inside your home without endangering yourself or the environment. The dual tap option makes it much easier to keep the beer flowing without interruption to keep your guests happy.

You have everything included in the package to allow for a quick and easy setup. With mechanical temperature controls and an automatic defrosting option, you can maintain this unit hassle-free so it can last a long time.

A clean finish makes this kegerator visually fit into most environments extremely well. This unit will fit in nicely with modern man cave setups.

With a temperature range that does not drop too low, your beer will be cool, but it might not be as cold as you want it to be. This may not be a good fit for those who prefer their beverages at much lower temperatures to fully enjoy them.

The price of this kegerator from Danby is a bit steep, which might be a problem for some people. This will be primarily a problem for those working with a tight budget who would rather go for a more affordable one.


  • It has a large interior capacity
  • Durable with scratch-resistant top
  • This unit is safe to use with environmentally-friendly gas
  • Everything included to completely set it up


  • The temperatures do not go as low as some might prefer
  • It is a bit pricey compared to similar options

Black Stainless Steel Mini Kegerator From Homecraft

This kegerator is the ideal option for small man caves, with its small form and compact design allowing it to fit into most spaces. It is also well designed to display nicely and improve the overall aesthetics of a home bar or man cave.


Finding the right spot to place this kegerator in a small man cave won’t be a problem at all, as it takes up minimal space and only holds a few glasses at a time.

To keep your unit running, you also get three CO2 cartridges free with the unit to save some time. These cartridges are threaded, allowing you to attach them to the unit easily, saving you time when you need to replace them.

The reusable growler that comes with the unit makes it easy to refill with your favorite beverage or beer when it is empty. It is also compatible with both standard non-pressurized and pressurized kegs to save time when you need to refill them.

You will always have an ice-cold beer at your disposal at low 36 degrees Fahrenheit for your convenience. The fact that it uses standard CO2 and NO2 cartridges will keep your beer fresh for over 30 days.

Its elegant look makes it a perfect fit for most setups with its black steel finish. The easy pull handle allows you to quickly and easily pour yourself a cool beer or any other beverage you keep in it.

The small size of this unit from Homecraft might be ideal for small spaces, but it also holds very little fluid, meaning this unit is meant for private use or for very close friends or family only.

It takes a while for this little kegerator to cool down to the right temperature, which is not ideal for some. It may take more than an hour to get to lower temperatures, making this unit unsuitable for parties.


  • Reusable growler to keep beer in
  • Beautiful display
  • Made to fit into small spaces
  • Ideal option for an authentic bar and man cave display


  • It is tiny – not much space for storage
  • Takes time to reach lower temperatures

Kegco HBK309S Stainless Steel 2-Keg Dispenser Kegerator

If you are looking for a complete package to keep the beer cool in your man cave, this is the one for you. It is loaded with great features to make it much easier to keep your beer cool for all types of occasions.


With the large interior size you have at your disposal with this kegerator, you can fit various keg sizes in it. You can easily fit up to three 5-gallon kegs into this kegerator without any problem.

The door of this unit can also be reversed so you can fit it both ways if you need space for an easy access option. The guard rail is also removable and fits onto the unit with a quick clip-on option for easy fit or removal.

User-friendly controls and a clear display make it easy to keep an eye on the temperature of your unit. With everything in reach from the front panel, you can easily manage the temperature to ensure your beer is always cold.

The chrome faucets and stainless steel construction make this unit durable to last many hours of happy entertainment. All components of this kegerator are made from durable and robust materials to improve the overall sturdiness even more.

For the most part, the easy-to-use features make this an ideal option for all types of man caves. It will fit in neatly in most setups for a nice display.

This unit is a great stand-alone unit, but you need to leave space around it to ensure free airflow. This is not a huge issue, but this might become a problem if you have only a small man cave.

The fact that you don’t get a tower wrench included makes it difficult to work on it when necessary. This means you need to buy one separately, which will cost you extra money and add to the unit’s total price.


  • Clear and easy-to-read temperature display
  • It comes with a large interior display
  • Good temperature regulation capability
  • Easy to set up and have ready for use


  • It is a stand-alone unit
  • There is no tower wrench included

Full-Size Kegerator From Ivation

This unit is designed for those who love to entertain and have everyone over for those important games and other entertainment. With all the features you get included with this unit, you will always have cool beverages at your disposal.


The spacious interior of this kegerator makes it easy to store more than just one keg at a time for a more versatile option. With as many as two dispensers, it also means that you can have more than one beverage on tap at a time.

Still, with the interior size, there is enough space to make it a standard refrigerator to store smaller beverage containers. This is made even easier thanks to the wire shelves that come included, which will manage the space with this cooling unit from Ivation.

The CO2 tank is mounted at the back of the unit to make it easier to manage while saving interior space. With the quick mounting option, you will find it is not difficult to replace the canister when you need to.

Additionally, the wheels of this keg roll smoothly, making it easy to relocate the unit to another place if you need to. Two of the castors can be locked to keep the unit secured in one place so nobody can accidentally push it around.

You have two styles for the doors: a sleek stainless steel color or classic black. The dual tower is made from durable stainless steel to withstand the elements and time for many hours of beer tapping.

Setting this kegerator up won’t be an easy task and might take time to get it ready for use. This might scare away those who are not tech-savvy or have no prior experience with this type of setup.

There are also no visible temperature readouts to monitor the temperature of your cooling unit. Some might find this a bit annoying and prefer to buy a kegerator that is easier to manage.


  • Dual-tap option for more beverages
  • Huge interior size for versatility
  • Easy to operate after initial setup
  • This is a versatile cooling unit


  • It might be a bit difficult to set it up
  • No visible temperature display


As you can see, all of the above options are great and have their pros and cons. Our favorite option is the Ivation full-size kegerator. Its dual tap options and the huge interior makes it an easy number one choice in this lineup. A close second is the Kegco homebrew kegerator with a digital temperature display and all the features you need for any man cave setup.