Best Man Cave Lamps Of 2021 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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It is essential to have sufficient lighting in your man cave to make the room vibrant and comfortable to spend time in. A dark room reduces visibility and the general mood of the man cave, while too much brightness is distracting and unhealthy.

The tricky part is finding the right balance between these two extremes. To help you out, here are some of the best man cave lamps to consider for your man cave. These options each have unique features but they all produce sufficient light for the man cave.

Man Cave Lamps Reviews

1. HAITRAL Retro Table Lamp

This vintage lamp is the solution for those looking for a classic and efficient product. One of the unique features of the HAITRAL Retro table lamp is its unique design. Atmospherically, the lamp brings the feeling of 19th-century industrial design. It is the ideal decorative light, as it transforms your man cave and makes it look more personal and unique.


The HAITRAL Retro table lamp takes on an industrial steampunk lamp shape and has a bronze-colored metal. This light is compact and fits perfectly on any sized table. It is also easy to assemble and operate.

The retro table lamp has two types of switches. This gives you the freedom to choose whether to use the on/off switch or the rotary switch. Both options work effectively; you must turn on the on/off switch for the rotary switch to function.

There is also a UL plug wire that satisfies the US standards and passes UL certification. This cord is long enough to give you the freedom to change the lamp’s position effectively.

Despite all these positive aspects, the HAITRAL Retro table lamp doesn’t come with the bulb. You have to buy the bulb separately yourself. However, HAITRAL offers its customers recommendations on the type of bulbs to purchase.

HAITRAL recommends that you select Epson retro bulbs. Do this to retain uniformity and the classic lamp design.

The HAITRAL Retro table lamp is also the ideal gift to get your family and friends. Apart from blending in with the furniture and space in your man cave, it is suitable for a coffee table, pub, bookcase, and many other spots.

HAITRAL is confident in their product and they offer satisfactory service to their customers. Consumers have 30 days to report any dissatisfaction with the lamp.


  • Industrial steampunk design
  • Dual switch
  • Satisfactory service guarantee
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Bulbs sold separately

2. DWK Classic Vintage Pickup Truck Table Lamp

Here is another excellent light option that features a lamp on top of a classic red pickup truck. It has a unique design that brings a classical vibe to the room. The general picture is of a red pickup making a quick stop on a decorative shade. This is the ideal option for classic car and truck lovers.


The DWK Classic Vintage Pickup Truck table lamp symbolizes a vintage truck at a gas pump station. The décor accent light has a bright red distressed finish, responsible for the rustic-antique look. It takes up less room, making it ideal for any space in your man cave.

The lamp is equipped with a 4 ½-foot electric cord that is UL approved. This cord is long enough, making it easy to place it on any table or surface. Also, there is an on/off switch.

You will love the decorative shade placed around the bulb. This is the work of the creative in-house artists at DWK. The art is carefully sculpted and hand-painted to express every detail. Since each lamp is a unique work of art, the colors and patterns may vary, but DWK guarantees you a quality finish.

The DWK Classic Vintage Pickup Truck table lamp is a product of high-quality cold-cast polyresin. What this means is that it is made to last. Also, it has a height of about 20 inches, meaning that it easily fits, even in tight spaces.

The next time you think of getting a gift for your husband, son, or brother, consider getting them one of these lamps—they are decorative, functional, and practical.

It is essential to mention that this lamp doesn’t include any bulbs. Therefore, you have to purchase one yourself. The lamp works best with bulbs of a maximum of 40 watts.


  • Classic vibe
  • Occupies less space
  • Features a unique and decorative top
  • Made to last


  • Bulbs sold separately

3. Decoluce Industrial Tripod Floor Table Lamp

Just as the name suggests, this light takes on a tripod design. Decoluce is the company behind the creation of this masterpiece. The company creates iconic art pieces to illuminate any man cave and bring a classic retro feel. This light is a combination of creativity and outstanding craftsmanship.


The Decoluce Industrial Tripod Floor table lamp is a beautiful home décor item that features a decorative light bulb on top of a tripod stand. The antique vintage lamp brings the good old times and memories back to life.

It is made from natural solid wood that gives it a classical feel. At the top is an antique marine ship searchlight that illuminates the space. The lamp adopts a stylish cinematic style inspired by studio lights from the Hollywood Golden Age.

With this lamp, you can easily adjust its height and angle design. It is also foldable, allowing you to save some space on your desk. The lamp has a height of about 25 inches, making it compact and ideal for almost any table or desk in the man cave.

The lamp produces soft lighting with a neat and classic look. Also, the tripod structure makes it sturdy and able to resist small, unintentional bumps.

After mentioning all the positives about this artistic product, it is essential to take note of some of the downsides. This helps you decide if it is the right option for your man cave.

First, the lamp is not a very strong light source. Do not expect it to light up the whole room by itself. However, it creates a nice light focal point in any room.

Also, note when making the purchase that it does not include bulbs. It is essential to read the lamp details carefully to avoid making mistakes like buying standard-size bulbs.


  • Great craftsmanship
  • Perfect for a LIFX bulb
  • Beautiful home décor
  • Compact and foldable


  • Not a very strong light source
  • Bulbs sold separately

4. Rustic Pistol Tabletop Lamp

Have you ever seen a pistol lamp? Here is a great light that has a realistic upright pistol design. This is a good conversation starter when anyone walks into your man cave. It is the ideal gift for your husband or kids.


This rustic pistol tabletop lamp is made from high-quality resin. This material is durable and easy to clean, meaning that it will serve you longer and not be a hassle to maintain.

Its unique feature is the realistic upright pistol shape. The structure has a brushed black finish with scratched gold details. This beautiful and creative artwork brings a modern feel to the room.

The lamp has a height of about 12 inches. Its upright design ensures that it takes up less space on the table. Its compact size makes it ideal for any man cave. Despite its compact size, the light is sturdy and a little bit heavy, creating a firm base.

There is an approximately 3-foot cord that supplies power to the lamp. On the same cord, there is a roll switch for turning the lamp on and off.

Note that when buying, the lamp does not include any bulbs. Some customers find this frustrating since they have to make an additional budget.

This rustic pistol lamp saves you the hassle of buying bulbs only to find out later that they don’t fit; you can use any bulb in it. You can treat it just like any other regular lamp that you are used to. However, it is best to use an Edison bulb.

The bulb at the top of the lamp is open, and there is no shade around it. Some people might find this limiting for some spaces, such as the bedroom. Since the lamp accommodates any bulb, it is best to consider the bulb shades and ensure they match the intended purpose.


  • Realistic upright pistol design
  • Compact size
  • Brings a modern feel to the man cave
  • Accommodates any bulb size


  • No bulb shade at the top

5. Retro Lamps Industrial Robot Lamp

Do you fancy having a robot around in your man cave? How about a robot lamp? Sounds cool, right? This is the ideal lamp for any robot fanatic out there. The lamp takes the structure of a robot with arms that are freely adjustable. Its shape and design bring a different retro and stylish feel to your man cave.


This retro industrial robot table light is a product made of galvanized iron. The galvanized iron coating makes it durable, as it offers superior resistance to scratches of any kind. It comes with a distressed golden color that gives it a relaxed vibe. You have the option of spray painting it the color of your choice, making it easy to blend in with your furniture.

The robotic structure features adjustable arms. This gives you the freedom to model it into any shape. High-quality copper cables run from the back, blending style and safety.

Unlike other similar products, this lamp includes a bulb during purchase. This way, you do not have to go through the struggle of finding the right fit for your lamp. For those who have a particular liking for a specific bulb, the good news is that it accommodates bulbs of different shapes.

This robot lamp is versatile. Apart from being the ideal addition to your man cave, it also works effectively in a café, bar, or hotel. Also, it meets all your daily lighting needs. Feel free to use it when reading or as a decoration for your place.

According to some customer reviews, some weren’t satisfied with the bulb included in the box. Some found it to be dim and big, and others didn’t like the color. If this happens to be the case, you have the choice of purchasing your preferred bulb and using it on the lamp.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable robotic structure
  • Package includes a bulb
  • Versatile


  • Dissatisfaction with the bulb included in the box

Final Verdict

Lights have an important place in the interior design industry, and as somebody looking to enhance the style of your man cave, you need to find the best one. Hopefully, it is no longer a challenge for you at this point. Above are some of the best lamps for man caves that you should consider. All these options are effective; they will definitely keep your man cave lit and lively.