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Man Cave Mini Bar Ideas

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After creating the perfect man space, equipped with a TV, pool table, and other fun accessories, the job is not yet done if your man cave lacks a mini bar where you can quickly grab an ice-cold beer. A mini-bar is an essential section that turns the space into a fun, comfortable, and relaxed environment.

The good thing about a man cave mini bar is that you can create one using limited resources and expertise. This review gives insight into five simple DIY ideas to help you create a modern and luxurious drink cabinet that guarantees good times with your company or boys.

Jerry Can Bar

A jerry can mini-bar is an excellent idea for man caves with limited spaces and is easy to create. The advantage of having this bar in your man cave is that it is portable and easy to store. It also requires less storage space and can easily fit in tight spaces.

You’ll need a strong jerry can and other essential tools and accessories such as a miter saw, hinge, and lock to build the bar. The next step is to lay the jerry can flat on the ground and create a door-like opening on one side. Next is to use the hinges to secure the cut-out piece, fix the lock, and you’re done.

The storage space depends on the size of jerry can you choose, and the average size fits two liquor bottles and other beer cans. The good thing about this idea is that you can customize the space by adding built-in cabinets or neon signs for quality lighting.

Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar Case

Here is another simple DIY project made from a basic household safety kit. It is possible to transform your old fire extinguisher case into a stylish hanging mini home bar unit. This is also a great addition to any man cave with limited space.

Begin by unscrewing the cap and pouring the powder into a bag to empty the extinguisher. Clean the interior using water and dry it. Next is to cut out the door and attach the hinges and clasps. Your mini-bar case is done, and you can choose to make additional customizations, such as insulating the interior.

This option is also portable and durable. The case easily hangs on the fire extinguisher hook, and you can conveniently place it indoors or outdoors. However, the only disadvantage of the fire extinguisher bar case is its limited storage space.

Outdoor Pallets Mini Bar

Any DIY enthusiast loves working with pallets. If you have some old pallets in your basement space, it is time to get creative and transform them into convenient wall shelves that will improve your outdoor space.

The first step is to plan and determine the size of the mini bar you wish to build. Next is to sand the pallets and paint them to create a water-resistant piece. Afterward, arrange the wood pellets to create a sturdy box with an open top and an additional top cover. Screw the base to the wall, then use two chains to secure the extra piece at the bottom to create a mini hanging bar.

Unlike the previous options, this mini bar provides plenty of space and room for customization, such as adding an aesthetic bar sign. It is also possible to close the unit while not using it to protect the inside components from harsh weather conditions. However, it is a fixed unit, and it is impossible to move it indoors when outside conditions become unfavorable.

Neon Beer Cavern Sign With Arrow

Oil Barrel Dry Bar

Here is a simple idea for those who want to add a classical vibe to their fun interactive activities. An oil barrel is a versatile tool that can easily open up and create a mini-bar with a wine rack. Some manufacturers have adopted the idea and are developing units equipped with multiple technologies for a more fun experience.

However, creating one using your essential tools at home is possible. Use your tin opener or any other sturdy cutting tool to cut the door section on one side. You can use wood pallets to create bottle holders inside, ideal for storing your classic beer collection. The good thing about the idea is that the oil barrel is easy to manipulate and you can add hinges and other functional additions such as a wine cooler. You can also go a step further and install wheels on the bottom for portability.

The advantage of having the oil barrel dry bar in your man cave is that it acts as a complete bar. You can use the bar counter for serving your favorite drinks and the bar cabinet for storing beer in bulk, drinks, and glasses. It is also possible to paint the outside to match your man cave’s color scheme.

Tray Chick Mini Bar

If you’re not a fan of DIY projects, you can turn any side table into a bar setup. This is the solution for those who have limited working tools or skills. However, it requires one to get creative and try various arrangements until they find the right one for their modern man cave.

There are many styles to try; the easiest is adding a holding tray to the side table. This provides the surface for placing drinks and glasses while serving. You can choose the top section as the serving area and add drawers or shelves for storing drinks.

Let your imagination run wild as you customize the tables in your man cave. There are many other functional cave bar ideas, such as creating an island mini bar in the center of your cozy living space.

The benefit of the tray chick mini bars is that you can create as many as you want using the various pieces of furniture in your home. This makes these options the best when hosting bigger parties, and you can decide to take the fun outside.


The ideal man cave consists of a cool man cave bar where you have a good time with yourself or friends. If your cave lacks one, it is time to try out one of these ideas that are functional and great additions to your space. Each design has its advantages; however, they are all compact and easy to install. Get creative and install one of these mini bars in your man cave!