Best Man Cave Neon Sign – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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Setting up a man cave can be not only important for a guy’s sanity but also fun because they get to decorate it the way they want. Whether they are looking to go a little more rustic or modern when it comes to their aesthetic, a neon sign is one of the best pieces of décor any guy could invest in. This will add a little pop to your room.

But which sign is a good fit? There are a lot of choices, but below there are a few in-depth looks at some of the best man cave neon signs on the market today to help with the decision-making process. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what these best man cave neon sign options have on offer.

Man Cave Neon Sign Reviews

1. American Art Décor Corona Extra LED

The first sign that could be a good fit for a man cave is this compact LED neon light Corona sign. It is designed with a blue neon-like effect and doesn’t leave you to have to deal with that annoying buzz that comes with neon.


The unit can be operated both by power or via a USB cord (the sign comes with a 6′ cord). If the battery option is chosen, then it will be run off of 4 AA batteries (which are not included).

If the man cave that is being decorated is going with a bar/frat aesthetic, having a beer sign as part of the cave look can be perfect. This sign is for a beer that almost every guy has in their fridge or is familiar with, giving it even more of a retro vibe. The sign uses an LED light to mimic neon, which means it is more energy-efficient and much quieter than a traditional neon sign.

Overall the materials used in the design of this sign are of a good quality which will give it a longer life. When it comes to the dimensions, it is not a huge sign which is perfect for smaller areas. All in all, the features and aesthetics lend this sign a lot of value, and that coupled with the budget-friendly price makes it a great choice for a wide range of man caves out there.

Now that being said, there are a couple of issues that should be discussed. The light of the LED is not as bright as a traditional neon sign, nor any of the other LED signs. So if the guy wants a super bright sign, they should look at other options. Also, the sign is operated via batteries, and this option does not offer a long life cycle.


  • Price versus value is better than any of its competitors
  • Mimics the look of neon very well
  • The size of the sign is perfect for behind a bar set up or for smaller man caves
  • Crafted with good quality material for better durability


  • Some find the lighting to be a little on the dim side
  • Battery life is not very long

2. ZODZ Neon Skull Sign

This sign is a handmade option which means you will have a unique sign that is like no others. It is a larger sign that is designed by senior master benders.


Crafted with such high-quality materials and by experienced craftsmen, this sign offers a unique aesthetic to any man cave. The unit is outfitted with a 120V cord and is fairly lightweight, which should make it easy to mount.

There is a lot to love about this unique handmade neon sign. The neon used in the design brings with it a super-bright display. This will easily make it a key part of any man cave’s decor and something that catches everyone’s eye that walks into the room. That brightness combined with the size gives it an impactful effect that can really tie together a room.

The sign itself is designed by experienced hands and uses high-quality materials. Because of this, the guy who invests in this neon sign can rest assured they will be able to enjoy the sign for quite a while. And if something does go wrong, the sign comes with a 12-month warranty, and that gives any guy a little more peace of mind.

But even with all that, the sign is by no means a perfect specimen. Like with any neon sign, it comes with a bit of a hum. This can be pretty annoying for some. Those that have this issue might look into investing in a neon-like sign as opposed to the real thing. On top of the hum, the unit can only be powered by a cord, and that will limit the placement of the sign.


  • The sign offers a bright display for a more impactful look
  • Large dimension makes it perfect for a larger man cave
  • The overall design and its materials are sturdy
  • Comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind


  • Some find the hum of the neon annoying
  • It can only be powered with a power cord

3. Jadetoad Custom Neon Sign

There is nothing like having a one-of-a-kind piece of room décor. This sign allows you to do just that. By choosing a word that fits the guy’s aesthetic or personality, this sign will set their man cave apart from others immediately.


The sign itself is crafted with a flexible silicone LED strip and uses a low voltage (12V) for its power source. Along with the sign itself, the package will include most of the tools needed to mount the sign.

Who doesn’t want a sign that is specifically designed for them? That is what a man cave is all about – making a space of their own, and so this handmade custom sign is a nice idea. Any word can be chosen when it comes to the design, which allows for a level of personalization that is important when decorating any man cave. When crafting the sign, the manufacturer uses high-quality LED strips to imitate neon which offers a good level of brightness.

Another key benefit is the fact the sign is crafted with the ability to dim the light. This allows the guy to change the level of brightness to match the mood they are going for. Many signs like this have a heat retention problem, but because of the materials used, this unit has a limited issue with this.

There are a few drawbacks that some may find hard to overlook. Though you get the tools and things you need for hanging, the sign does not come with any instructions. Those guys that are less than handy with this type of thing may find that annoying. Also, the sign, due to its custom design, comes with a very limited return policy.


  • It can be customized with whatever word you want
  • The brightness level of the signs is perfect for large or small man caves
  • Designed with a dimmable feature to ensure proper lightening at all ties
  • Unit is crafted to have a minimal heat retention


  • The sign comes with a very limited return policy
  • Unit comes with no hanging instructions

4. LDGJ LED Neon Sign Wall Art

Having an iconic saying as a decoration for a man cave could be just what the fella is looking for. After all, who hasn’t looked at an adult beverage and said it was 5 o’clock somewhere? This is a familiar saying and one that would be perfect for the bar area of a man cave.


The sign is crafted by an expert craftsman and 100% handmade. Though you may have the same saying, the fact that it is handmade means that every sign will be just a hair different.

The last thing any guy wants is to invest in a neon sign that has no visual appeal. That means they want one that has an awesome brightness. This sign, with its iconic phrase and beach aesthetic, has that and so much more. This product is crafted with top-notch materials, which give it a more luxurious feel and better durability.

The design itself is crafted with a larger dimension, which makes it even more impactful when placed on a shelf or wall of any man cave. The use of high-quality materials makes this a value proposition that few guys could pass up. That is because, for all that, the price tag on the sign is actually quite budget-friendly.

But like with anything else, this sign does have a few flaws. Though most will love the brightness of the sign, the fact there is no dimming function may make that brightness too much for any guy out there. Also, while not a problem with the performance, any guy who chooses this sign should put aside a bit of time to unpack it. The designers take this very seriously, and to protect the sign to the highest level, they pack it real good.


  • Colors are vibrant and eye-catching, look great in any man cave
  • Materials are of premium grade, which gives it a luxury feel
  • Design size is ideal for behind a bar
  • Quality product with a budget-friendly price


  • Some may find the brightness to be a bit much
  • It may take a while to unpack due to all the packing materials

5. ADVPRO Game Room Neon Sign

If the man cave you are decorating is surrounded by a gaming aesthetic, then this game room sign is the right finishing touch. It is designed with a faux neon look using LED strips.


Operating in a two-color scheme layout, the unit is crafted with high-quality plastic, limiting the noise that is often found with regular neon signs and getting rid of any chance of heat retention that could raise the temperature of the cave. The sign is available in multiple cord configurations, so no matter if your man cave is in the EU or the States, you will be able to add this wall décor to your room.

This sign has a lot of great attributes and benefits that the guys out there could really take advantage of. The first thing is that once removed from the packaging, you will easily be able to hang the sign up with no problems (that is, once you have gotten the proper tools and hardware). The colors of this sign are also so rich and crisp that the sign will automatically draw people to look at it.

Along with that, because of the materials used in the overall construction, there is no heat retention which, as stated above, could be important, especially if the man cave is in a small room. Outside of the performance and design, the overall aesthetic of the sign is just awesome. Retro 80s looks are one of the biggest interior decoration motifs of many man caves across the globe, so this design is perfect for that.

Now that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be a few things tweaked to make this sign a better option. The first thing that could be a good addition is for the product to be shipped with the hardware that the guy will need to mount the sign. Other than that, the sign is super bright and cannot be dimmed. For a small cave, it may be too bright.


  • The sign is easily installed once you have the proper tools
  • Colors of the sign are rich and crisp
  • No issues with any type of heat retention
  • Designed with an 80s retro vibe


  • Hardware for hanging the sign does not come with the product
  • Some have had an issue with the brightness level of the sign

Final Thoughts

Having the right vibe in a man cave is essential! That is why adding a touch of neon could be a good addition to any man cave out there. For those that are considering this, the options above are some of the best man cave neon signs out there right now.