Marantz AV Receiver SR6014 Review

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One of the best audio-visual receivers on the market right now. Can serve as the cornerstone for your home entertainment system for the next 5 years.

Detailed Review

Marantz is known for its decades of high-quality audio equipment, and whether you’re a vinyl collector or a film buff with a home theater, you’ve probably owned a Marantz in the past or have your eye on one.

While Marantz receivers are sought after, not many people can go just go out and buy one on a whim due to the higher price tag. Instead, most of us settle for receivers that work well enough but don’t deliver sound quite like a Marantz.

In this review, we check out some best features of the Marantz SR6014 receiver, what other consumers are saying about it, and why it might be time to go ahead and treat yourself to this AVR.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Marantz SR6014

Like any investment, it’s important to consider whether or not the receiver is the best option for you.

How You Plan to Use Your Receiver

Many of us assume that a receiver is just a receiver, and if you pay more for one, it will produce the sound you’re looking for. While not entirely incorrect, not all receivers are created equal, even the higher priced ones.

The Marantz SR6014 receiver is an AVR or audio-visual receiver. AVRs are ideal for home theater systems and are an excellent choice for people looking for surround sound. Your other option is a stereo receiver, and while there are many great options available, they’re more suited for people who want to listen to music rather than have a surround sound experience.

The Number of Inputs

Most of us have owned a receiver with a minimal number of inputs, and while you can have good sound with a small number of input/outputs, you have infinite possibilities with a receiver that has more. 


Considering the constant changes in technology, purchasing a receiver with more inputs and outputs than you think you know what to do with might come in handy later as you connect more devices or add to your sound system. Remember, just because your receiver has a lot of output/inputs, you don’t have to know how (or choose to use) them right away.

Wireless Connectivity

While there are audiophiles who are drawn to the crackle and pop of a vintage Marantz receiver, many of us want audio equipment that is compatible with our smart devices. So, whether you use Alexa, AirPlay, or other streaming services, the Marantz SR6014 has wireless connectivity capabilities.

A Look At the Marantz SR6014

As we noted earlier, the Marantz SR6014 is best suited for anyone looking for surround sound while watching movies or sporting events in their media room, but it’s also a solid choice if you want to spend the evening listening to music while entertaining.


While tech-savvy people might get more from the Marantz SR6014, and have an easier time exploring its potential, anyone can appreciate the high-quality receiver.

Features & Specifications

If you’re a hardcore music lover, certain features and benefits of the Marantz SR6014 may be more important than if you are looking for a receiver with surround sound. Check out some of the key features and specs:


  • 110W per channel, two-channel receiver
  • 8 HDMI inputs for the latest technology
  • Works with 4K and Dolby Vision
  • AM/FM radio
  • Voice control (such as Google Assistant or Siri)
  • Come with remote control 
  • Wireless capabilities to various streaming services and even Xbox One
  • Weighs 33.15 pounds
  • 110 watts (Output wattage)
  • 9.2 channels
  • 15.38 x 17.38 x 6.38 inches

What others are Saying - Online Reviews

I scoured the internet and found a few user reviews that seemed somewhat positive. 


These people shared their experiences after buying The Marantz SR6014 and were pleased with the results. Here is the feedback from some happy users on Amazon:

“Most importantly, the sound is phenomenal for both video and music sources… wow, what a step up from my old unit!”


“Sounds great. The Only downside is being charge $20 for the iOS App to properly tune it and edit the sound curves to fix the high frequency roll of that it prefers”


“amazing sound. I had a denon befor ethis, and i thought it was great until i plud this thing. great quality and very customizable”



The Competition

Not sure if the SR6014 is the best choice for you? Not quite ready to make a big investment? There’s no reason to sacrifice sound quality. Here are some alternatives worth considering.

The MMM7025 is an excellent alternative for people who still want the quality of a Marantz but is priced a little more affordably. While it doesn’t have as many features as the SR6014, the smaller size is worth considering if you’re limited on space. With 140 watts per channel, you still have plenty of power and a quality you can trust.

Since the SR6014 is an upgrade from the SR6013, the SR6013 has some of the same features but priced considerably lower. Like the option of voice control and compatibility with streaming services? This Marantz model is an excellent alternative.

Many might say that the 2019 model from Denon is a more affordable twin of the Marantz SR6014. The Denon has nearly identical features as the Marantz but has 105 watts per channel. Other buyers have complained of glitchy firmware.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve spent your hard earned money replacing your AV receiver every five years or so, it’s time to upgrade to a receiver that’s not only high-quality but has the capabilities to support technology as it continues to change.

The Marantz SSR6014 is one of the best audio visual receivers on the market right now and if you’re looking for versatility it’s a worthy contender. Whether you want to listen to music with friends or improve your home theater experience, the Marantz provides a surround sound that is tough to beat by the competitors.