Paradigm Cinema 100 Home Theater System

At A Glance

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Whether you´re looking for a better sound experience during movie nights with friends and family or you want to improve the quality of sound when playing your music collection, a home theater system may be an ideal option for you.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Paradigm Cinema 100 home theater system. We discuss the features, the pros and cons of the system, as well as the alternatives, so you can decide if the Cinema 100 is the best home theater system for your household.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Paradigm Cinema 100

Like any investment, it is essential to consider whether or not this home theater system is the best option for you.

Speakers in Furniture

Many home theater systems are designed to fit inside of furniture, such as a cabinet or on a bookshelf. If you plan on setting up your home theater system speakers inside of furniture, it’s best to stay away from larger speakers that have a lot of bass. Too much bass can cause vibration that shakes your furniture when you increase the volume. 

Walls and Floors

No matter how good of a sound system you have, hard surfaces like wood or tile are not the best choice when high-quality sound is your goal. The sound will reflect off of those hard surfaces and alter the sound quality.

If you are worried that the room you plan on putting your sound system in will likely cause this issue, you can do a simple test by standing in the specified room and clapping your hands. If there is an echo, you might want to consider choosing a different spot.

You can either move to a different location or try breaking up the room. You can break up the room by adding furniture, drapes, rugs, anything that will break up large surfaces and absorb excess sound. Doing so, will help whatever home theater system you purchase sound the best.


Before purchasing your home theater system, consider how big and or heavy the system is and how complicated it will be to set up. Will you be able to fit the packaging in your car, carry it inside and install it yourself or will you have to hire someone to do everything for you?

Most people prefer to install products that they buy themselves, but when it comes to big items like electronics, you have to think realistically. Hiring someone may cost more money, but it also ensures that you will have your home theater system put in quickly and, most importantly, correctly.

A Look at the Paradigm Cinema 100

The Paradigm Cinema 100 is suited for anyone who wants to enhance their audio and visual experience. The home theater system aims to make you feel like you’re standing amid the scene in your movie in addition to creating a seamless “live” effect when listening to your favorite music.

Cinema 100 is convenient for non-tech savvy people considering that each component is smaller and doesn’t have as many input cables compared to more advanced home theater systems.

Features and Specifications

If you’re a hardcore music or TV lover, certain features and benefits of The Paradigm Cinema 100 may be more important than if you are looking for a home theater system with surround sound. Check out some of the key features and specs:

  • Weighs 41.4 Pounds
  • 4 Pounds (Shipping Weight)
  • Dimensions (21.3cm × 12.2cm × 17.3cm)
  • Black Gloss Finish
  • 50 Watts (Maximum Input Power)
  • 15-100 Watts (Suitable Amplifier Power Range)
  • Dual Ported Design
  • Superior 8˝ High-Excursion Driver
  • Wire Mesh Tweeter Guard
  • Compatible with 8 ohms

Reviews from the Web

I scoured the internet and found a few user reviews that seemed somewhat positive.

These people shared their experiences after buying The Paradigm Cinema 100 and were pleased with their results.

“These speakers are unbelievable. The subwoofer has awesome bass at all levels and frequencies. I paired them with a Denon AVR-X2100W and could not be happier. If you are looking for a speaker set at this price point – this is what you’re looking for.”

“The Paradigm Cinema 100 CT home theater speakers are a step above the usual theater in a box optoin, yet considerably below highly expensive spekaers, and well worth the price. I found the satellite speakers and center speaker, which are identical and threore a matched combo, to be bringht and clean sounding for music, yet full and forceful for blu-ray movies.”

“I was debating between Bose Acoustimass 10 and these and glad I went with Cinema 100 CT. They are nice looking and sound very nice. I hooked them up with Pioneer SC-1222-k receiver. … I highly recommend these if you don’t have room for the bigger speakers like me”

The Competition

Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theater System

The Enclave Wireless Home Theater System is an excellent alternative for someone who likes to watch movies at home with family but also likes to have large gatherings frequently. This Home Theater System has bigger components to it size-wise and has more of them, which also means that it is structured to deliver high volume sound.

The Enclave Home Theater System is wireless, meaning that there will be no unnecessary time wasted. A wireless system also ensures that hooking up to a smartphone or TV through Bluetooth will be a lot easier than it would be if there were other chords involved.

Yamaha YHT-4950U 4K Ultra HD 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

The Yamaha Home Theater System is another excellent alternative. This home theater system may take up more space with large speakers, but there are other aspects that can be convenient.

When considering accessibility, there is a remote control added and a separate control box, so what you want to accomplish with your home theater system is directly communicated. The Yamaha Home Theater System also has easy setup with room optimization and flexible speaker placement options.

Bestisan 100 Watt Home Theater System 2.1 Channel with Built-in Subwoofer

This Home Theater system takes a different approach but still delivers high-quality sound. The Bestian Home Theater System is a single soundbar that is the most affordable out of the four different options mentioned. It also has the least amount of components to it, in addition to being the smallest option.

It is very versatile, and includes many options that help you customize your entertainment experience. You can choose options such as whether you want to wire your home theater system to different devices or to use it wirelessly. Also, you can choose whether you wish to use a remote control or use the touch screen feature.

Bottom Line

When contemplating what home theater system you want to invest your time and money in, consider choosing one that will last a long time and meet all the requirements you wish to have when enjoying entertainment by yourself or with your family.

The Paradigm Cinema 100 is high ranked on the market right now, and if you’re looking for a high-quality sound system that has a positive reputation from buyers, this is a worthy contender.

Whether you want to listen to music with friends or improve your home theater experience, The Paradigm Cinema 100 provides a home theater system that is tough to beat by the competitors.