PSB Alpha B1 Bookshelf Speaker Review

PSB Alpha B1 Bookshelf Speaker

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Some people think you need to own big speakers to have “big” and high-quality sound. While there are plenty of benefits to owning a larger speaker for surround sound or listening to music, it’s not always the best option if you have limited space or even a limited budget.

In this review, we take a closer look at PSB Alpha B1 speakers to help you decide if these small but powerful bookshelf speakers are a good option for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying PSB Alpha B1 Speakers

The PSB Alpha B1 speakers definitely aren’t the biggest, newest, or even shiniest speakers on the market but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering. Before you buy, consider what you might need from a set of speakers.

Portability and Ease of Installation

Large floor speakers are often heavy, difficult to move, and require some anchoring if you live in a household with active pets or children. Floor speakers are also more prone to damage if they get knocked over and replacements are often needed.

Most bookshelf speakers are lightweight, easy to install, and move around from room to room. The PSB Alpha B1 speakers are a happy medium between small computer speakers and large floor speakers.

Wired or Wireless?

Many of today’s speakers not only are compact but are also wireless. Wireless speakers are more portable, easy to use, and allow you to expand your options with Bluetooth capabilities. If you opt for the wireless route you’re also more likely to experience interference and poor sound quality.

While many people may be hesitant to buy the PSB Alpha B1 speaker because they’re not wireless, properly installed wired speakers have more consistent sound quality with minimal risk of interference.

Power Ratings

If you want a little more flexibility with turning up the volume you should look for speakers with higher power ratings. While bookshelf speakers aren’t lacking on volume, if you exceed the recommended power ratings there’s a good chance that you’ll either wreck the speakers or distort the sound.

If your amplifier has high wattage (let’s say 1000 watts output), you probably won’t want to use speakers that only have a power rating of 100. With caution and common sense you can make small speakers work with a big amplifier, but paying attention to power ratings will save you potential worry of ruining your new speakers.

What to Expect From the PSB Alpha B1

The PSB Alpha B1 is a medium-sized bookshelf speaker that can be placed anywhere in its desired location and is ideal for indoor settings. It helps fill the room with whatever you are listening to and delivers a clear sound.

When you purchase this speaker, it comes with two bookshelf loudspeakers, eight self-adhesive rubber feet, two detachable grills that have already been placed together for you, and it comes with an owner’s manual that contains instructions on installation.

Features and Benefits

Before you purchase the PSB Alpha B1 speakers, check out some of the specifications to make sure these are the right speakers for your needs.


  • 7 ⅛ x 11 ⅞ x 9 ¾ inches
  • 2 pounds per speakers
  • Black Ash, Sienna, or Dark Cherry finish
  • 10-90 W amplifier requirements

Check out some more in-depth specs and features.


The frequency in these speakers is 65-21,000 Hz (Hertz). The rate is essential to know because it determines the range of the speakers from low bass to a piercing high pitch noise. Humans can hear between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). Meaning these speakers exceed both of these numbers ranging from 65- 21,000 Hz.


The frequency in these speakers is 65-21,000 Hz (Hertz). The rate is essential to know because it determines the range of the speakers from low bass to a piercing high pitch noise. Humans can hear between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). Meaning these speakers exceed both of these numbers ranging from 65- 21,000 Hz.

These speakers exceed all those numbers being at 91 dB, meaning they could get very loud with good quality sound. We recommend getting speakers between 91-100 dB to make your purchase of the product with it and have top quality with it.

Impedance and Electrical Power

Impedance is the resistance the speaker has and the measure of the strength of an electrical current when voltage is applied. The PSB Alpha B1 has an impedance of 6 ohms. Speakers range from 4, 6, and 8 ohms, and the lower the impedance, the more efficient the electrical current will be in your speaker.

Keep in mind that if a speaker is at 4 ohms, it does not always mean it is better. It could also mean that the speaker with 4 ohms is made with cheaper receivers and could have issues running the low-impedance. The PSB Alpha B1 rate is at a 6 ohms impedance, which is reasonably well and a low enough number for the speaker to work.

Lastly, the recommended electrical power needed to get these speakers working is 15-90 watts. The electrical power transfers from an audio amplifier to the loudspeaker measured in watts. Electrical energy can do damage to the speaker if there is too much electrical current such as blow them out, or the quality may become static.

Reviews from the Web

Here are some great reviews that we have found based on the PSB Alpha B1 speakers:

“Worth every cent…..Great speaker with lots of detail. If you want more bass placing them close to the wall will do the trick. I find myself not needing a sub. Best bookshelf speakers under $400 by far. Shipping was fast as well.”

“Quite pleased with these speakers for a modest home office. Mainly listen to classical music in this setting. Good highs and mid-ranges… Have them on Sanus steel foundation 30 inch stands-perfect for my needs”

“After looking around for a pair of bookshelf size speakers to replace two much larger floor standing speakers for the front left and right in my surround system, I settled on this pair. Love the clarity and punch they pack. For what I wanted they are perfect and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”

The Competition

Not sure if the PSB Alpha B1 is for you? Here are some alternatives worth checking out.

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor

A little more pricey product to buy would be the KEF LS50 Mini Monitor. This speaker has more advanced details and is for more professional settings.

Wohome Bookshelf Speaker

A cheaper alternative is the Wohome Bookshelf Speaker. It also has Bluetooth capability and an aesthetically pleasing wooden casing.

Fluance Ai40WW

The Fluance Ai40WW speaker is smaller and has excellent quality for how much you pay for it.

PSB Alpha B1 Is the Product For You

The PSB Alpha B1 speaker is the perfect finish to your household or man cave needs. It has a great sound to fill up a room rather than half of it. It is easy to assemble and easy to understand how to set up and use.

The PSB Alpha B1 is the product for you if you need these problems solved. If you have further questions that need some answers go check the product out!