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Shipping Container Man Cave Ideas

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It is not uncommon to feel your house lacks sufficient rooms, let alone an entire space for a she-shed or man cave. Furthermore, it can be challenging for kids and partners to identify somewhere to enjoy their hobbies without disturbance from other members of your household. Your long search for such a dedicated space can end with shipping container man caves.

A shipping container can offer you a perfect office space, gym, fun space, or even a man cave. The storage container is usually sufficiently small enough to fit in the backyard and offers a more comprehensive selection of easy delivery options. Additionally, the backyard container should have quality insulation to prevent cooling and overheating and should present you with enough container space to accommodate your friends.

10 Container Ideas to Explore

Below are a few shipping container ideas to inspire you to take up such a container and convert it into your man cave or container home office.

 Go for a Reduced Shipping Container Size

Are you a newbie in the construction field or budget conscious? Then you can buy a smaller-sized shipping container instead of the custom 40-foot extended sea travel shipping containers. Shipping containers are available in various sizes, such as 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet container sizes.

The 10-foot or 20-foot containers are excellent for making small man caves that can easily fit in your backyard. You could also fit the container in a different location on your property and make container sheds or a container Jacuzzi cabin.

Install a Small Bathroom

Bathroom installation is an excellent means of converting a man cave into a generous living space. Though the project might be massive, it will prove worthwhile and save you time. You could seek the help of plumbing experts to install the bathroom if you intend to live in the man cave for a long time. You also have the option of having a port-a-potty close to serve as the bathroom.

Insulated Shipping Container Man Cave

On the aspect of cooling and heating, many shipping containers come uninsulated. This is because most of these containers are designed to transport materials. However, you have the option of insulating the shipping container.

You can easily accomplish this using spray foam, constructing more walls, or exterior insulation and covering using exterior cladding. For example, for a 40-foot container you wish to convert to your primary home or man cave, you can build walls and use interior insulation.

Get Space-Conservative Furniture

Though typical containers are relatively long, the length is not proportional to the width, giving it a cramped feel. By using conservative space furniture like foldable tables or furniture that has storage spaces, you can work towards opening up the man cave and increasing the number of guests it can accommodate. Another space-conserving piece of furniture is hidden shelving, loft-design beds, and futons convertible to beds.

Fit in Windows

By installing windows, you make a huge step towards giving the man cave an inviting and open feel. Windows also allow natural sunlight into the space during the daytime. You can install windows by yourself if you are an experienced welder with all the necessary tools and know-how to use them.

Use tailor-made windows and their precise dimensions before making any cuts on the container. You could seek professional assistance if you are uncomfortable installing the windows on your own.

Fit Sliding Doors

Your shipping container can come with an inbuilt door if you consider the big opening to be the door. However, such a door is heavy and challenging to open while offering only a single way out and into the container. Fitting sliding doors allow you to also fit a patio around the man cave.

This consequently gives your space a less claustrophobic feel. The fantastic thing concerning a sliding door is that it can act as a barricade against elements for man caves set outside.

building made from refurbish shipping container.

Use Glistening Furniture

The interior of a container feels square without furniture. This necessitates efforts to counterbalance the basic cave container structure with uniquely shaped and sleek furniture. With sleek furniture, you give the container a unique style and make it feel extra open. However, as you relax in the man cave with furniture, you should not feel cluttered.

Use Movable Lights

From LED strings to Christmas lights or portable lamps, you can use such portable lights to brighten up the man cave. The lights also create some character in the man cave. LED and string lights are an excellent means of lighting up tiny man caves like fun spaces for video games or private movie dens.

Fit in a Skylight

You can convert your man cave into the perfect getaway by installing a ceiling skylight. By installing the side windows to the storage container, it is possible to fit a skylight and get a scenic night sky view. A skylight is also a great way of offering roof access if you need to get on top of the storage container, making the roof your second patio. Do this by installing a ladder to lead the skylight and designing a relaxation area on the roof.

Design a Minibar

Would your man cave still be a man cave without a minibar? A minibar is an inexpensive means of incorporating sophistication while giving your man cave an adult theme. If you are far off from power sources or outlets, you can explore the option of portable mini-refrigerators to maintain the drinks cold.

You can also fit a container with electronics with deluxe-style bar stools and an ice bucket to cool your drinks.

Seek Assistance Where Necessary

If you are not confident about accomplishing a DIY man cave task, the better option is to get in touch with industry professionals for assistance. Relying on professionals ensures your man cave gets finished to perfection and is made comfy and cozy to accommodate you for long hours.


Buying an already assembled container man cave might be quicker, stress-free, and cost-friendly than creating your space. However, if you prefer to set up such a personal space as a DIY project, you have the option of ordering an actual container and getting creative.

You have the freedom of deciding how creative you wish to be with the man cave and the purpose you want it to serve. Consider the above ideas to come up with your dream man cave.