Best Bar Sets for your Man Cave

How to choose the perfect home Bartending Setup

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It is hard to know what is essential in building the perfect home barware collection. The options are endless – from bar spoons of various lengths, to dozens of shakers to choose from, as well as strainers, jiggers, and all sorts of other equipment you haven’t even thought about. The shortcut to making the process easier on yourself is to opt for a collected set instead of designing a collection from scratch.

A great set can be especially helpful for beginners and home enthusiasts, who want all the essentials without having to spend days searching for the right choice. Great sets also make amazing choices for gift giving as they offer a combination of style and value that is hard to beat. Here are the best bar sets for rounding out your home bar collection. 

If you are looking for a high quality set that is a go-to for many pro bartenders, this roll up kit is an excellent option for mixing drinks at home or on the go. My favorite bartender down in Atlanta told me about this set and I ended up making the purchase myself. 

This brown canvas roll bag comes loaded with all the high quality essentials that you will need, including a bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer, rustproof cocktail tins, muddlers, and more. This set make an amazing gift for pros and newbies alike. 

For those who are looking for decor as much as functionality, Barillio delivers a waxed canvas bar tool organizer that is a solid addition to any bar space. This organizer provides the storage, organization and portability to be the go-to set to fit every occasion. 

This versatile set comes with multiple mounting options to make sure the set says secure to the wall. The set itself comes with specially designed compartments that are perfect for storage and organization. The pouch also doubles as a carrier complete with 3 inner compartments to store the included muddler, Hawthorne strainer, pourers and included recipes booklet. 

For those looking for a simple set that includes all of the basics and looks good, this Wintercastle set is just the option for you. What it is missing in extra functionality compared to the canvas travel cases, this set makes up for in style in functionality. 

The stand is a durable bamboo stand that keeps all of your tools in one place. All of the included pieces are made of high quality 304 rust-resistant stainless steel. This set includes the following: cocktail shakers, double jigger, three strainers, muddler and bar spoon.

This is a gorgeous Rose Gold Set that fits best in a decor focused bar. While it lacks some of the functionality of the sets covered earlier, this is a great fit for some bars where they fit in with the goal look of the bar. 

This is a complete starter bartender set that comes with a 18.5 oz drink shaker, double sided jigger, Hawthorne Cocktail shaker, bottle opener, long handled spoon, and tongs. The stand itself is a magnetic timber organizer that keeps your tools in place. 

Best on-the Go Set: Picnic Time Brand Bar Backpack

Picnic Time delivers a reliable carry-all for the supplies you need for any bartending job or competition. Like a photographer’s camera bag, this pack is meant to hold all your tools in a a dirt and water resistant pack. 

In addition to the included 16 piece portable cocktail set, this pack has additional space to house 3 bottles of your favorite spirit – making it perfect for a home bartender who loves to have on the go adventures. 

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There are plenty of options for those looking to build the perfect bar. Whether you are looking for a simple set to complete your bar or looking for a more robust travel option, we recommend you go with a set that has it all. This way you are spending more time perfecting your cocktails then you are searching for that one missing bar piece. Speaking of cocktails – go ahead and make yourself the perfect old fashioned to celebrate your new bar set!